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From the farmtalking forum. November 13 2004 Mark Purdey writes:

Sorry to go on about my seemingly insignificant personal interactions with
DEFRA, but the nature of my complaints go way beyond the tip of the iceberg
dealings within the microcosmic world of BSE, and are relevant to the  whole
manner of issues which government seems to handle in this way these days.  The
virtual daily content of complaints against DEFRA on the pages of  farmtalking
seems to bear witness to the widespread application of  this disturbing

Needless to say my email complaint to Hugh McDonagh, DEFRA has  obviously
been met with deaf ears. As usual, I have been left in a vacuum  since he has
failed to reply to my challenging him to supply the evidence  that backs his
claim that the BSE Inquiry had rejected my work as "unviable" (  he stated this in
a letter to Hilary Strong ). Likewise, I never had  a reply to my complaint
over one of the DEFRA scientists who had  falsely claimed at a public
conference that " Mark Purdey had been offered grant  funding, but turned it down".

The most serious, far reaching batch of complaints that I have made  has also
been ignored. This involved the bogus disinformation that was  put out in the
Gabriel Horne Report on the origins of BSE. The worst  innaccuracy involved
the claim that warble fly treatment with OPs had  ceased in 1982, when , in
truth, the twice annual compulsory OP warble  fly treatment programme was
actually first instigated in  1982 !! How can the actual department who was solely
behind the setting up  of the Warble Fly Order England and Wales 1982, actually
get the start date  confused with the finish date ??  and then continue to do
so, even  after this inept innaccuracy had been pointed out to them in a
lawyer's letter  from myself ?

Perhaps they have stuck to this lie because it is  clearly politically
convenient for them to have a finish date in  1982, since they have been arguing
that "since all cases of BSE were  largely born after 1982, then how could OP
warble fly treatments be linked  with the cause of BSE when these treatments were
ceased in  1982 " . But they have been busy marketing and  promoting this
report around the world  as a purely scientific report  - endorsed by the many
expert Professors  who authored it,  etc.  This is highly irresponsible . They
have clearly  squandered our taxes in order to mislead the entire world over
the original  cause of BSE . But disturbingly,  their scheme has worked  since
the Harvard Report on the origins of BSE is currently cuckooing out every  word
of the Gospel according to Gabriel Horne right across North  America and
Canada as though it were precisely correct.  And the  authorities out there are
swallowing it hook, line and sinker.

In this instance, my complaint was about the former Chief Veterinary
Officer, Jim Scudamore, who had argued against my work using these  same bogus
paragraphs from the Gabriel Horne Report as his main line of  attack. But in my
complaint  ( which had to be delivered  to a third  party in DEFRA since Jim
Scudamore had conveniently opted out of  replying due to his retirement ) , I
pointed out that Jim  Scudamore himself  had actually been sent out to my farm near
Taunton in  1985 - in the days when  he was acting as a divisional vet
Officer for  the Taunton area - to force me to comply with the compulsory OP warble
fly  treatment campaign. This clash lead to my refusal and victory in the high
 court that debarred MAFF from forcibly treating my cows. What with all  of
this , and the compulsory use of the chemical right up to the end of the
1990s, Scudamore can hardly deny that he did not know when warble fly treated
ceased !!!! So why on earth does he stand behind a report that  categorically
decrees that use of OP warblecides had ceased by 1982. Is this  science ???  This
is more akin to government utilising a  more civilised form of Eastern Blok
mentality, rather than the social  democratic lifestyle that our parents fought
to preserve in the world  wars

So what is going on with our democracy, where we have officials and gov /
quango scientists
knowingly pumping out pure disinformation under the guise of sound science,
and then criminalising and ridiculing those of us who are trying to work
within  the confines of the truth.

I have had enough of this total bullshit. For our childrens' and
grandchildrens' sake, it is time that we refused to let these total idiots get  away with
it. They are trampling over the fruits of generations and generations  of
traditional mixed farming - decimating whole bloodlines of first rate  breeding
for no real scientific reason - only to satisfy the vision of WTO  agendas and
their vulgar , unsustainable master schemes to 'monsanto' the world  into a
homogenous GM agriprairiescape, where cargill's cashcrops will  increasingly
begin to fail in the infertility of humusless soil without  livestock manure, and
famines and soil erosion will become rife , and then civil  unrest. All
because this bloody blair party has to prostitute themselves to  the Monsanto
agenda because they funded the labour party campaign. Its  so obvious what is going
on. So obvious. But it is our duty as individuals to  take control of our
destinys - out of the hands of these pathetic pimps,so that  we can direct our
own futures along sustainable pathways that guarantee  survival of life on earth
- not into the suicidal vortex of some egocentric  globalist's vision of the

 Whilst they may have the media spinning out their every yarn these  days,
there are still ways and means of opening up the truth of what  is going on
right now , so that the public can see the whole picture and decide  for
themselves. For instance , in my own little world where  officials are continuing to
discard  the relevance of my work in  this blatantly outrageous and evasive
manner , I do have the  option of being able to make life very hard for them if
they persist in  continuing down their current undiplomatic route ( unlike pre
labour government  days when I actually had a budding relationship with some of
the government  scientists ). The release of previously unpublished field
data - the  nature of which would instantly blow the lid off the whole global
cover story bigtime - if one could get a good slot in the right media ! - might
pressurise the likes of the WHO and other global groups to force the
---------s  to do their duty for the people of this planet - and not for the purse
strings of Monsanto et al.

For a free future for farmers in the UK,


Mark Purdey.