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email received Nov 15 from Janet Hughes
Hello Mary
  ..... being very awkward and trying to somehow say that it is my fault they won't run the article.
...... I have never encountered this before in the three years of having contact with reporters. They have always discussed the various articles. In this instance these reporters are saying my figures do not tie up but will not say which particular figures. Then they are saying they have dropped the article because I won't discuss it ..
.. It is very strange that other papers, such as our County Times and Shropshire Star have been happy to write features on the book. The Welsh Books Council has listed it, but nevertheless, the Western Mail will not run a piece on the book and not put in writing the reasons for this. It can't be right can it?
.... Everyone we have told thinks it ludicrous to expect someone's figures to be the same as those on a DEFRA public information website.
Oh go before I pop !