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"Government, their advisors and the civil service are divorced from the real world of the soil, as well as ignorant over the most basic laws of nature..."

It seems that they are trying to strip us of our whole culture, traditional roots and then homogenise the whole globe into this type of sterile brave new Orwellian world that you describe. The latest scourge on shooting would make my Purdey Shotgun ancestors turn in their graves.

Democracy is to do with tolerating minority views as well as looking after the overall interests of the people, but to ban the right to hunt is total totalitarian intolerance - not democracy. Let individual people make that decision for themselves, instead of forcing us to accept the misguided advice of the sugar daddy state.

Government, their advisors and the civil service are divorced from the real world of the soil, as well as ignorant over the most basic laws of nature. Sadly they are in the majority , and we in the countryside find ourselves being forced to conduct our lives in ways that we intuitively know to be wrong. In this respect, it is our duty to our children , grandchildren and the environment - which are a million times more important than cow(sic) towing to the misguided whims of this pathetic government cabinet - that we outright defy these misguided regulations and live whatever lifestyle we believe to be right and sustainable for future generations and environmental well being and enjoyment.

Canada got a dose of it last week, and got hit by this high profile CBC TV documentary called "Apocalypse Cow" - some trendy environmental journalist called Dr Susuki who was too unintelligent to have noticed the true environmental causes of mad cow , and just followed the same old propaganda line that the one single case of mad cow in Canada is threatening the entire Canadian human population with vCJD. The very sensationalist title of the film betrays the game they were up too. The conclusion of the film was that livestock are bad news and that we can do without them anyway. I wonder who was really behind this film.

But I would have thought that a true environmentalist - as Susuki likes to think he is - ought not to be working in tandem with political correctness and the global WTO policy makers whose commercial dream is to replace livestock with oceans of acres of GM soya protein. He ought to be made well aware of the vital link that livestock perform in supplying manure , which supplies the soil with humus , which is the soil fertility that is essential for sustaining agricultural productivity of any kind.

History has shown that when there are no livestock on the land, soil erosion and famine ensue.

So what kind of future does a monocropped prairiescape of GM soya hold for the future of human health?. Or for the future of the soil or the overall planet ? We have gone so far adrift, that I am beginning to get very worried.

Why cannot the so called experts get the gist of this most basic law of nature ? If the likes of one of us try to tell them, we are just ignored, told we are a conspiracy theorist or that we have a grudge against the government.

We have a hell of a fight ahead of us, but , personally, I think that it is worth dying for. I just remember the amazing energising and motivating effect that the rural countryside of my childhood provided me with. It set me up for life. If we do not fight, what will our kids have for thier future ?


Mark Purdey