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Extracts from the article


".....The US claims to be a nation of peace lovers but since the end of the Second World War, it has been at war with: China (1945-46); Korea (1950-53); Guatemala (1954 and again 1967-69); Cuba (1959-60); Belgian Congo (1964); Dominican Republic (1965); Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia (1959-75); Lebanon (1976 and again 1982-1984); Iran (1980); Grenada (1983); Libya (1986); El Salvador (1980-92); Nicaragua (1981-90); Panamá (1989); Iraq (1991); Somalia (1993); Haiti (1994-1995); Bosnia-Herzegovina (1995); Sudan (1998); Yugoslavia (1999); Afghanistan (2001-02); Iraq (2003-2???).  Have I missed any?


In the same period, the US has attempted to overthrow or displace more than 40 foreign governments; they have conducted unprovoked military assaults on some 20 nations; they have crushed more than 30 populist movements which were fighting against US-sanctioned dictatorial regimes. The US provided indispensable support to a small army of brutal dictatorships: Mobutu in Zaïre, Pinochet in Chile, Duvalier in Haiti, Somoza in Nicaragua, the Greek junta, Marcos in the Philippines, Rhee in Korea, the Shah in Iran, 40 years of military dictators in Guatemala, Suharto in Indonesia, Hussein in Iraq (remember him?), the Brazilian junta, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and others.


As well, they dropped powerful bombs on the people of about 25 countries, including 40 consecutive days and nights in Iraq, 78 days and nights in the former Yugoslavia, and a few months in Afghanistan. These latter three countries met the primary requirement for an American bombing target — they were utterly defenseless.


Not content with conventional warfare, they have also ramped up an increased use of depleted uranium, a truly despicable weapon which produces grossly deformed babies and a long slow death amongst those unfortunate enough not to actually be standing at ground zero. This weaponry, by the way, meets every US criteria for a so-called ‘weapon of mass destruction’; it is clear that while the US might not care for other countries even thinking about WMDs, they are quite willing to take those same weapons out for a test drive themselves. And as an added bonus, they happily drop cluster bombs willy-nilly and refuse to ban landmines.


There have been assassination attempts on the lives of about 40 foreign political leaders, and there is no secret about the US being behind theses attempts. At the same time, they have interfered in dozens of foreign democratic elections, manipulated trade union movements, manufactured news. There is credible evidence of America supplying handbooks, materials and encouragement for the practice of torture, chemical or biological warfare along with the testing of these weapons, and the use of powerful herbicides causing terrible damage to people and environments in China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Panamá, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia and elsewhere.


The CIA has encouraged and aided drug trafficking in various parts of the world when it served their purposes, and supported death squads, particularly in Latin America. And the US has caused terrible harm to the health and well-being of the world's masses by tightening the screws of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and other international financial institutions, and by imposing unmerciful sanctions and embargoes.





it is risky for anyone to hitch their wagon to this dying horse. For America is surely dying.


...... Perhaps it needs the eyes of people outside its borders to see more clearly what it has become and that what it purported to be was rarely achieved. Americans have deluded themselves into an inability to see the disaster they have wrought and the nightmare that is to come. ....



....The United States is in decline, it is a society in an advanced state of decay. Its great experiment at participatory democracy no longer excites its people, who stay home on election days in vast numbers. ......



America.... has since spread its good works and its good will around the globe, but it has spread even more mayhem. Even when being generous and compassionate to other nations there is a casual disregard for what those others might truly want or need. .......... It was interesting to note in the recent elections that the states who voted for Bush are the same states who supported slavery: attitudes haven’t changed much.





.................. as the country prepared for the 2004 elections and yet another pretence at democracy, it was busy jeopardizing the entire world with its assault upon Iraq and bragging that it is bringing democracy to that benighted land. America doesn’t have any democracy to export.


 ...... Significant effort, however, goes into securing the blessings of liberty for those in high places. Elected officials have as their only goal success in the next election and for that, they need to toady up to the special interest and corporate groups who can fill their pockets.


America’s Founding Fathers called their dream ‘the great experiment’ and perhaps that is because they understood this was a gamble; it might be the last conceivable untried form of government. Perhaps they knew that the illusion of ‘people power’ was just that, an illusion. Perhaps they also knew that if the great experiment failed, there was nothing left to try; mankind would have proved once and for all that it was incapable of governing itself in a manner that is worthy of being called ‘civilized’. Well, the experiment is failing, so what do we get next? At the moment, it appears that we get only the American Empire, spreading its good and its evil without regard for the consequences.


It’s easy enough to say that the American people aren’t responsible for their nation’s behaviour, that they are as horribly shocked as the rest of us and there is little they can do. Their nation is in the grip of corporatists and dishonest politicos against whom the people are virtually impotent. But in this cradle of the world’s democracies where the government is allegedly of, by, and for the people, those excuses ring very hollow. This is a nation of people who conducted a revolution against what was then the most powerful empire on earth … and they did it because they didn’t like a tax on teabags. If they could work up that sort of outrage in 1776, surely they can awaken their consciences, ever so slightly, to consider the monumental balls-up they are allowing their leaders to make of the whole world. And maybe, just maybe, they could actually exercise some moral courage and rise up against the viciousness that has come to symbolize America.


Otherwise, the US is doomed and will utterly fail … maybe not today, or next week, or even during what’s left of my life. But the world will not tolerate these brutal people for much longer. ....."