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1. Complaint about Burnside Farm - December 2000.

Official form, signed by Mr Dring and Mr Heywood reads "Complaint - RSPCA - LA- SVS - ref Waugh. Heddon based swill feeder alleging poor conditions, dead pigs etc. LA contacted Animal Heath, Newcastle on 21.12.00 - joint visit arranged for 22. 12 am.

Welfare conditions at this farm as well as Heddon View (Brown, another swill feeder over the road) are less than ideal and always have been. Pigs are kept in bare concrete pens with no additional bedding. Problems exacerbated at Waugh's by seeming inability to keep pens dry. All the same, majority of pigs are well grown and well fleshed. Two lame ones seen which should have been in sep hospital accommodation - Mr Waugh so advised. Due for s/v here in Jan 2001 for relicensing and will take LA for joint re-inspection then.