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...a big thank you for your Wind Farm site feature of our poor little area...

I may have been a little hasty when I mentioned the word 'bribe' that was used by the group wishing to build Wind Turbines in Cumbria.

My wife says..'threat' is a better word.. 'Inducement' is another.. Whichever way, or angle, you wish to look at the means that these wind generation companies wish to employ to get the populace to accept monster contraptions to be built in their midst.. None of their words or promises is really to benefit the local community in real terms. They build these monsters and then move on.. The populace have to learn to deal with the ever present 'whump whump'.. Whenever the wind blows.... The intrusion. Some say 'rape', of our only asset, our scenery.

Their words are 'Blair' words. Words that have no truthful meaning. Manipulated words. Alistair Campbell 'spin' words. Certainly not the words honest hard working farmers would use.... Native American Indians would say that the Wind Turbine people, like Blair, 'speaks with a forked tongue'. A snake has a forked tongue....

I'll attach the article that I mentioned. Please, if you have time, read the exact wording of this fantastic offer of 200,000 for the local community. We are all fools to loose this amount..Or are we? Are they the fools to think that this is a fair price for us to lose (sell off?) our future..

Take care...with all our best wishes,

Jan & Cher..