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"Our local Copeland Borough Council are advertising for Officers who will be fully qualified to run the Council when it becomes a 'Regional Assembly'."

I caught a little bit of news earlier on this evening on our UK tv. Reserve US troops refused to man a fuel convoy to a particularly hazardous area of Iraq. Normally they have armoured 'Humvee' (Hummer) protection, but in this instance, this protection was not offered to them. They valued their lives.
Why should they all die a futile death on the basis of politicians lies..? (my viewpoint).
My personal view is that we must support our troops now that they are over there. But, they shouldn't have been sent there in the first place! This war was (is) illegal!
We in the UK are unable to sort out our own Finsbury Park extremists, so why on earth do we think we can sort out a country load of them over in Iraq.. ?
I saw a job advert in our local paper, The Cumberland Evening News and Star. It disturbed me a little ( a bloody lot actually!). The Inland Revenue (Tax People) were after applicants for administrator post vacancies.. No experience necessary because full training would be given. Applicants 'from all EU countries' will be considered...
That brought the message fully home to me. ..
Blair has lied to us again. He has promised us a referendum on Europe. This will be a 'pie in the sky' referendum. Why? We are all being fully integrated into Europe in a manner that cannot be reversed. By the back door so to speak. I will mourn the loss of our National Identity...
Our local Copeland Borough Council are advertising for Officers who will be fully qualified to run the Council when it becomes a 'Regional Assembly'. They are asking existing administrator Chiefs to re-apply for their own jobs. They need staff that can run 'Regional Assemblies..'
Whoa there!  I thought this 'European integration' thing wasn't going to happen until we had a referendum on Europe. They cannot possibly be advertising for Regional assembly staff.. because we haven't had a vote on Europe yet!
Then it dawned on me. What an idiot I was. I was thinking that Blair meant what he had said about the referendum on Europe! I thought that the referendum statement was a truth. Was true. 
Does Blair tell the truth? .. Absolutley NOT!  He has conned us again with his lies!
The man is  a bare faced liar! A proven fact.! There I was, trusting what he said.. I am an idiot!
Andrew Gilligan was right! Dr David Kelly was right! The BBC reportage was, barring trivial bits, proven to be basically truthful, eventually..  Blair and his gang are complete liars. Campbell is a liar! Everyone is having to lie to save Blair. Why??
The referendum on Europe is all a complete con. We have been conned.
Apart from Monetary Union, we are fully integrated into Europe..!
If we think we have a pensions crisis now here in the UK.. Just wait until our workers fully realise that we will all have to work until we are 70+.  When all our pension fund monies will be going into one large European pot.., to fund the French Government pension deals, which allows French Lorry Drivers to retire early.. But NOT anyone in the UK!
The European pension funds are drastically underfunded compared to ours in the UK. (and ours are going to have a shortfall).
Please please try and warn everyone.
It maybe all too late. Blair has conned us all again.  As a lawyer that is his job. Bending the truth...
Best wishes,