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Sunday, October 17, 2004

BBC Debate TV tonight

Yes versus No Debate is on BBC1 tonight at 10.55pm after Panorama and on BBC News24 at 11.15pm. A lively debate from Durham hosted by Dermot Mernaghan will see Yes Campaign's John Tomaney begin to lose the plot by starting to attack the messenger, accusing them of laughing at pensioners, to detract from losing the argument.

No doubt the Yes Campaign's tactics will now solely focus on the No Campaign and 'out of town' spin doctors rather than the arguments. Support for the Yes perspective is plummeting in the polls as people of the North East realise that all that is being offered are empty promises and emotional arguments. Bear in mind that a hand-picked 50-50 audience will produce a 50-50 result. What is coming back from the streets is massive opposition to the proposition.

This afternoon's broadcast featured vox pops from Alnwick where they struggled to find a yes voter.

People wanting to vote who are undecided want facts and that does not benefit the Yes Campaign, so watch their tactics shift to focus solely on attacking the No Campaign rather than running with their empty and easily destroyed arguments.

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