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email received October 22 2004 from The Reverend Patricia Pinkerton

The Library of The Royal Agriculture Society of England, have officially accepted all the Foot and Mouth Disease information, documents, research, photographs tapes and videos that I have collected and given to them on behalf of us all.

The official announcement will go out in the Royal Society bulletins as well as in Farming journals. All sides of the incidents of FMD are represented from Maff to AntiMaff approaches, and all are well documented. This now an official and permanent archive, with plenty of room for additional material.

Thank you all for the assistance you gave me in collecting all the hundreds of documents. Remember there are still more out there. If you know anyone who would be willing to place them in the archive, for research and also as a fountain of knowledge (we won't get caught out again!) my e.mail address is at the top of the page. I can always be found also on phone (01594-810321) or my mailing address is:

Revd Patricia Pinkerton
Lammas Cottage
7 Stephens Place

Again thanks to you all, and it's not too late to send me more anecdotes, photos, diaries and documents or CD Roms.This is the archive of the people who were there.