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Dexters and Bovine TB

See for more on Russia / EU deal. What we find extraordinary, is that the people most affected, the exporters and the farmers with herds under restriction, know nothing at all about this.

As we read the notices, it will come into force Jan 1st 2005, as old export certificates are phased out, to be replaced with a new Russian approved one.The community has protected the 1 billion euro trade it does with Russia, by regionalising areas which do not meet the criteria.It was the level of tb in GB and Ireland that led to their threat to block all community products.

The Dexters. EU will lift the ban if UK ask them to. So why will they not ask?Live exports? Will bring them face to face with calf exports again? Or the existence still of the OTMS scheme?With Portugal now achieving a 'lower' status than UK, but with more cases,there is more to this than meets the eye.