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Ben Bradshaw and "organic" chicken

I buy organically produced chicken because I believed it to be produced non intensively with a high degree of compassion, ethics, morality, towards the birds reared.

Now, I see as a customer I am about to be duped yet again with Ben Bradshaw's announcement.

I can only hope the Soil Association will take matters into their own hands and refuse certification of such farming enterprises - otherwise I as a customer will have been cheated should I continue to even buy chicken.

All Politicians should be taken to a chicken broiler unit and then ask themselves this: Why has so much time been spent on sparing the odd fox when no time has been spent on addressing the foul life chicks suffer in broiler units?

I am truly upset at this news.


October 2 - Oct 9 2004 ~ "Mr Bradshaw has ignored the wishes of consumers and the views of his own advisors."