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September 15 2004

Dear Madam,

Do you know I am beginning to wonder if I am going soft in the head. It is only this morning that I have noticed that on the same day that hunting with dogs is to be put before the Commons, accompanied by loud protest, the Civil Contingencies Bill is to be debated in the Lords. I wonder if this is a coincidence?

I do not, personally, hunt with dogs. However I firmly support the right of the individual to do so. Be that as it may I am quite certain which of these two pieces of legislation should be engaging the attention of the British public at this time (and MPs and the press if they would only wake up) . Which one will be all over the front pages tomorrow?

Frankly this Government is becoming so sinister I even start to wonder if they cooked up Hurricane Ivan to make sure that the Civil Contingencies matter was relegated to page 27 of the domestic news - if it makes it to print at all.

Yours sincerely