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yes, the Revolution is underway.
Headline in the Mail on Sunday is Prince Charles refuses to stop hunting. Much to the dismay of the Queen.
Sunday Express says that Labour`s ban on fox hunting will cost at least 30 million a year to police - or 2,000 for each fox saved. Up to 100 officers will be needed to prevent each rebel hunt taking place,leaving fewer than ever on the beat.
We have not had a police presence here for donkeys years anyway.
What few newspapers and politicians realise however, is that it is not just about hunting. I don`t care either way frankly, but it is about the general attitude of this Government and its nutty quangos pushing people around for no other reason except to be seen to justify their existence. We`ve had enough. So have all my friends, relatives and customers.
I am saddened however that this monsterous row is taking place over the fox. Why were these very same people not leaping around during FMD. It was all taking place in their patch and there was, by comparison, very little protest.