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The gist of the article is about the lack of promotion
being done in the UK to assist farmers and producers
of fresh foods with the marketing of their own meat
and produce;  this lack of incentive on the part of
DEFRA and Lord Haskins, there in the UK, is now being
over-shadowed with the assistance of a group called
Agricredit.   That name rang a bell.

A little further research, and voila:  sure enough,
Agricredit is the financial arm of AGCO to finance the
purchase of tractors and farm machinery produced by
AGCO world-wide. AGCO has purchased 21 short-line and
major farm equipment manufacturers all over the world.

In other words, rather than actually tell the world
that AGCO and Rabobank have designs on the farmers
they sell their over-priced equipment to, they go
about working out a deal with the UK NFU organization
to promote the British Little Red Tractor logo, to
deceive the farmers that produce their food to the
Little Red Tractor logo standards! (An appeal to the
producer's ego).

That's about as deceitful as it can get.   But it gets
worse:   the farmer's will register and sign up for a
Massey Ferguson tractor to be given away to the lucky
winner, as the "bait" of the give-away.

This kind of deceitful business practice makes me very
angry.  Rather than say, "Yes, we will help you
promote your farm-produced foods, they promote a
label, designed to identify a superior product, to
expose and sell their own Massey-Ferguson farm

Rabobank and Agricredit are everywhere in the Food
Chain.  USA, UK, Netherlands, Finland, Brazil,
Argentina, Australia and Canada.

AGCO has acquired, consolidated and closed plants used
to manufacture farm equipment in each country they
manufacture in.

AGCO has millions of dollars, and was assisted in
these take-overs by the Netherlands Rabobank.
Agricredit is used by these companies to finance the
purchase of that equipment, BUT THE BUYER IS NOT TOLD
RABOBANK, as he pays the purchased item off.

So, what appeared to be a company that has grown by
using good business practices, is actually a
planned-for and well-executed effort to gain control
of farm equipment manufacturing, financing, and
promotion of high-tech genetics which are produced
using the equipment necessary to produce that food. 
Again, AGCO is more than willing to close former
plants, displace workers, shut down plants to regulate
available supplies of equipment, manipulate and tweak
prices of that equipment (always costing more and
more) to steer the purchaser to finance this
over-priced machinery.   It's vertical integration at
its worst!

And it's deceitful.

Just take time to review the history of AGCO.....

At one time, in the early 80's, Massey Ferguson
announced it was the largest manufacturer of farm
equipment in the world.  Then came super-high interest
rates, and the Farm Crisis in the early 80's in the
USA and elsewhere.  Massey fell on hard times.

AGCO, with Rabobank's help, picked Massey Ferguson up
for a song....and then promptly closed the Coventry,
England plant, as it has done elsewhere with many of
its other acquisitions like the Gleaner combine
factory in Kansas City, like the Cat Challenger
plants...Always with press releases telling the world,
the AGCO reasons for the closures or shut-downs.

Again, dishonesty prevails....always with the
blessings of the Dutch Rabobank. 

So, have a look at this bit of news about the UK
Little Red Tractor.  It's fair to say, that giving
away a Massey Ferguson tractor actually costs AGCO,
maybe #15,000....cost of goods sold.

That's about as cheap a way to advertise and promote a
product as I've ever seen.....and remember, this is a
multi-million dollar (euro), multi-national company
that would rather get all the free publicity to
promote such a tractor, rather than provide any decent
support to agriculture, its own backbone and
renewable source of income!

Burkie in Kansas