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Supermarket giant Tesco has reported a 24.2% surge in first half profits to 822m ($1.47bn), adding that sales of non-food items continue to grow. 

Saw that programme last night.   Sickening. My son Duncan saw the first 10 - 15 mins. He had to go out. ...

We know it goes on, but the worst part for me was seeing them killing some goats in a filthy shed. The poor things were screaming as they were literally being thrown around like sacks of coal before being killed with a blunt knife.

If I had been the interviewer of the trader in this disgusting business. I wouldn't have chased him down the road at the end of the programme, I'd have rugby tackled him and made sure he didn't live a normal life again.

And as your correspondents say: " What sort of punishment do they get, if any ? "