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I know that the site is mainly about animal health - and for some time could not see a clear link with other issues on the website - but I see now that government bungling, arrogance and callousness is the link. I have nothing but horrified compassion for Ken Bigley and his family and friends. But his kidnapping has - I hate even to write this - done some good to the country. People who turn off whenever Iraq is mentioned - the people Mr Blair depends on to reelect him - cannot turn their backs on the plight of Mr Bigley.

The kidnapping of Kenneth Bigley has brought the Iraq war to Britain at last. For Mr Blair, who appears to put personal power before any other consideration, the timing could not be worse. He will try to avoid any proper debate during the Labour Party Conference. What world do these politicians live in? You report Mr Hain saying that Iraq is to be a "fringe issue"; Mr Blair himself appears to have no genuine understanding of what his stubborn insistence to follow Mr Bush - in the face of clamouring warnings from all sides - has brought about. I read in the press that British forces - up til now apparently doing a difficult job with restraint and success - are now caught up in horrible attacks and are virtually confined to barracks.

There seems at last to be a growing realisation that there really is some sort of case for impeachment of a Prime Minister who has led his country and people into an unforgivable war by means of lies and manipulation. He carries such a burden of responsibility that I am even rather sorry for him - but he must go and go soon. Just as our forces must withdraw - both bloody and bowed - from Iraq.