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Max Hastings in the Daily Mail today. ( Remember that he was one of those that wanted the Blair New Labour thing to work. )
" The maestro of sacchiarine sincerity has been corrupted by office as absolutely as any Roman Emperor.
Greed for the exultation power has eaten into his soul, his judgment and his integrity. "......
 "Yesterday, Tony Blair took the Labour Party conference on a tour of a faraway country that we might name Euphoria.
The Prime Minister called it Britain, but it is scarcely a nation any normal mortal would recognise as our own homeland today
 He conducts a casual affair with truth with no intention of marrying it.
He has failed in almost all the key challenges of our time.
The British public will never trust his word again about whether it`s Tuesday or Wednesday.
  There are only promises,dreams, and a few bribes and a half baked apology.
 Tony Blair`s removal from office may not profit the nation, if his replacement is to come from the same stable. Yet his performance yesterday demonstrated how little of substance he can now offer the British people ........"
Right on Max.
Pity you cannot read the whole thing . Two pages long and obviously written by one that feels terribly upset, let-down and angry that such things have come to pass. As we all do.
 No little wonder that Blair lives in his own cacooned little world and admits that he doesn't read the newspapers.