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9/11 File Unsolved: September 11, 2001 Lies and Truth.

Scenes of the Attack on 9/11/’01. Pictures and sounds of a crime that has been etched into our memories.

On Monday, September 11, 2001, 19 Arab hijackers struck at the core of American power by hijacking four passenger planes. The first of these planes crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:45 AM; The second plane crashed into the South Tower 15 minutes later; the third Plane crashed into the Pentagon at 9:43 AM; and the fourth crashed into a Pennsylvania field without reaching its target. American officials blamed this unprecedented terror attack on Osama Bin  Laden. However, even today, the American government has yet to produce any evidence to substantiate their charges.

TITEL: 9/11 File Unsolved: September 11, 2001 Lies and Truth.

automobile driving

In March of 2003, we found ourselves driving across America, seeking to learn why it was so difficult for the American government was having such a problem explaining the attacks of September 11th .

scenes from the Flight 93 memorial 

On one of our trips, we visited the memorial of the Flight 93 crash, where 44 persons died. Especially this memorial honors the 5 heroes of  Flight 93, who rushed the hijackers in the cockpit of the plane, which caused the plane to crash before it could reach the hijackers target, presumably the White House. It was a heroic story which was told around the world.

However, the testimony of the earliest witnesses of flight 93’s crash is still a mystery today. 

Ernie Stull, mayor of the nearby village of Shanksville recalls

Ernie Stull
Yes–my sister and a good friend of mine were the first ones here. They were standing on a street corner in Shanksville talking. Their car was nearby, so they were the first here–and the fire department came. Everyone was puzzled, because the call had been that a plane had crashed. But there was no plane…

[question] They had been sent here because of a crash but there was no plane?

Ernie Stull: No. Nothing . Only this hole.

The actual crash site is a hundred yards from the memorial and is enclosed by a high chain-link fence. Ernie Stull's friends were the first independent witnesses, who actually saw the crash in front of their eyes.

[question] I thought it was a crash site…

Ernie Stull: And it is. But there was nothing there to see.  The plane had completely disintegrated. Puff. It hit the ground and flew to pieces–completely.

Another witness supported Ernie Stull’s story:

Dennis Roddy: Plane wreckage? Nothing that I could tell.

(driving toward Pittsburgh)
Dennis Roddy is managing editor of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Immediately after the crash, he sent a team of reporters to the crash site, which was 1 1/2 hours by automobile.

Ernie Stull: There were FBI, plane crash investigators, state police,--more than 300 people…

[photos of the crash site at the time]

Long before the first reporters arrived, the crash site area was closed off–a large area. The reporters could only see at a distance what must have been the most unusual crash site of flight history. No burnt wreckage, no burnt bodies, nothing. Just a hole, into which a huge Boeing 757 and its passengers disappeared. How is that possible? There were unwanted critical questions at the subsequent Press conference.

Dennis Roddy: They were very, very close-mouthed. They kept the matter very concealed. That didn’t help us, which should have helped them. It was the same way with United Airlines. United Airlines were entirely uncooperative. They stayed within a very narrow scope such as one does when making up a story they want us to hear.
Secrecy was the order of the day.

[photos of the crash site at the time; airport; planes in the air, interceptor planes]
It was this secrecy that invited speculation. According to the official version, flight 93 took off from Newark  Airport at 8.42 AM. At about 10 AM came the last communication: The shout "Lets Roll!" from passenger Todd Beamer that was supposed to indicate the beginning of the attack on the hijackers. With this attack did these passengers thus cause the crash of the plane? Or was the plane shot down, as some people suspect?

Dennis Roddy: When a plane is hit by a rocket, it does not just fall out of  the sky, but rather begins to break up into pieces. But that was not the case with Flight 93.

[photo and tape shots. Crash site at the time.]
So, then, a  Boeing 757 and passengers did go into this hole? But the public has doubts, and the experts remain silent. Or is  the truth something much worse?  It is the American plane crash investigators who have the task of explaining , but neither the fate of Flight 93 nor have the fate of the other three death planes have been explained.

Ground Zero today, The originator of "Unanswered Questions" is presented

Ground Zero. An obligatory destination for every New York visitor. In record time, the rubble and the bodies were taken care of. Only a very few of the 3,000 bodies could be identified. However, hardly now anyone is interested in hearing the details. As a result of two wars since then, fought in the name of the victims, the story has been mostly forgotten. Especially the many still-unresolved questions. However, so that they are not forgotten, a world-wide internet community of 9/11 skeptics concern themselves with the unresolved questions. One of the most important web sites is It was founded by journalist Tom Flocco and Catherine Fitts (a senior official in the first President Bush’s administration) and from the beginning, a photographer, Kyle Hence, was also one of their circle. [Kyle is also a co-founder]

Kyle Hence: 
The U. S. government hasn’t given a full explanation to people--to the world--what happened on September 11th, nor why.  They also haven’t made a thorough investigation.  That’s why we believe it is important that we, ourselves, begin an investigation—a people’s investigation, if you will--

Tom Flocco: There is a very large number of people around the world who are posting their research on the internet, and they have assembled a fantastic collection of documents.

Austin Fitts: If one has a busy life, one simply does not have time to read these many thousands of pages on  the internet.  However, one will find that there has been a world-wide effort to help by bringing all of this material together:  we have made it easier for this world-wide effort, which is helping to find the truth.

 (the terrorist plane crashes into the south Tower; graphics: flight path of the terrorist plane, with photos of assumed terrorists)
How could minimally able student pilots have flown with precision into the Twin Towers? How could these four seized planes have broken out of their predefined flight paths andfor nearly an hour flown in American airspace without being intercepted by the American Air force?   And, above all, howcould the largest intelligence apparatus in the world not have noticed any preparations of these terrorists, but then,within hours afterwards, have announced a complete name list of these terrorists?

Tom Flocco: 
I and many of my friends were astonished how quickly the FBI came out with those pictures, and said these were the 19 terrorists.  Presumably, 15 of the 19 came from Saudi Arabia--so let’s attack Afghanistan!
As you  watched--bit by bit--different stories began to emerge, and the stories simply did not fit together.  So, finally, Americans  began to ask questions.  People woke up and said:  that just can’t be true.  How could these things have happened.  How could two--or even three--things happen all at the same time.  So we began to ask questions--and not only me--but millions of people--or at least many, many thousand.

(the New York Stock  Exchange)
Catherine Austin Fitts became interested in another aspect of  September 11th. 

Catherine Austin Fitts: 
I believe that the question we have to ask is: cui bono- who benefited?  Many people profited from September 11th.  That day was used  to make massive investment in the Market-and some people made a lot of money.  It is a financial reality, so we should who is was it that benefited?

Scenes of the New York City ruins deferred all of the discomforting questions about September 11th.   President Bush hindered the answers within weeks of the events by ordering--in the interest of national security--that there not be any follow-ups.  However, “Unanswered was not silenced, and organized public events where skeptics, the family of victims and their lawyers spoke out.

(Sound over of an amateur video of a press conference)
[A man]
My name is Derril Bodley, my daughter was on Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania.  My main unanswered question is:  did my 20-year-old daughter--my only child--die on September 11th because keeping the passenger planes in the air was more important?

[young woman]
I will not accept money from our government, offered as a facade of generosity and charity, when on the other side, the government has concealed appropriations for flight safety....

[Mary Schiavo—lawyer]
First, the issue is not--what they should have known-.  The issue must be --what did they know--and believe me, they knew a lot.

[scene of the N.Y.C. streets after the destruction. Photo: Henry Kissinger]
A year after the attacks, the Bush Administration was forced by the pressure of these events and by the families of the victims to set up an investigative committee, under the chairmanship of former Sect.of State Henry Kissinger—who also had been National Security Advisor and part of the  intelligence community.  The appointment met heavy opposition. In addition, he refused to make public his business connections in the Arab world--and so two weeks later he resigned the chairmanship. 

[Church sanctuary]

The 9/11 skeptics meet in downtown Manhattan.  The supporters of meet in a church.  The issue: An official investigation commission.

Kyle Hence: The National Investigation Commission set March 17th as their first public hearing, to take place in New York City.

With or without Henry Kissinger, there was great mistrust of the Commission of five Democrats and five Republicans.  It was decided to set up a Citizen Watch Commission to monitor the official investigative committee. 

The members of this body are from every part of America. Their motives are as different as their occupations.

Allen Duncan: 
I was a police officer. I am very angry that no one was held responsible, no one was fired, no one was locked up.  This is the greatest disaster in American history, and no one is held responsible for the murder of 3,000 people.

Scenes of the destruction from the N.Y. streets after the attack

Allen Duncan lives in New Jersey.  He lost friends in the attack and today he concerns himself with those who suffered losses.  At the same time, he is very actively engaged seeking to get the truth out in the light. 
His effort is not without hazards.

Allen Duncan: People around me are more more upset than I am. At the moment, every critical or nonconformist opinion brings harsh responses.  A lot of people with internet sites are threatened by special investigators, their web sites are shut down and their homes searched.  I have been  warned that I am being servailed and that I could be in danger.  There is some fear, but we believe we have to be courageous about demanding the truth, regardless of the risks we encounter.

Tom Flocco:
...He is an attorney with Mayer, Brown.  Mayer, Brown represents United Airlines. In other words, the attorneys of the President of the United State‘s father is from the same law offices as the representatives of United Airlines which are opposing the the victim families.;  That is, as soon as the lawyer of United Airlines get up from negotiations with the families, he telephones the White House --even before the lawyersof the families get out to their cars,  Those are the connections.  The President knows just what the family members want and what evidence they are seeking...

scenes of airport check in, passenger lists
Tom Flocco talks to a lawyer. Some of the victim families have sued the airlines for negligence- failing to provide adequate safety.  Another group of lawyers want to the Saudi government failure to assume responsibility.  After all, 15 of the 19 terrorists are supposed to have been Saudis. But both law suits have a problem:  there are no hijacker names on the passenger lists of the fatal airplanes.

Dennis Roddy:
They publicized the lists of passengers, but the hijacker names were not there.

Tom Flocco:
I would like to know if there really were Saudis on board.  I would like to see the boarding personnel, testifying before congress, or an investigative commission or a court and saying:  I saw these kidnappers board the plane.  So long as that doesn't happen, I don't believe that the Arabs necessarily did it.

Pictures of the 19 terrorists;  removing the rubble after the attack.
In fact the identities of the 19 hijackers are by no means certain, but rather this has been seriously challenged.  Soon after the attack, some of the supposed kidnappers came forward--living in Saudi Arabia.  Just what is the story behind these pictures? The identity of the kidnappers who the FBI says had been in the fatal planes is just as unproved.   That is, the bodies of the terrorists were not found --or-- the bodies could not be identified.

airport with small planes, flight simulator.
Also, no serious investigation has been undertaken to  determine if the supposed terrorists who had practiced 
flying in only  small, single motor airplanes or a few hours in a flight simulator would have been able to fly the  complicated maneuvers that the seized planes actually flew on September 11th..

Tom Flocco: There are reports of flight teachers saying that these  people were not even able to fly a Cessna.  How can anyone expect us to believe that these men flew a 767 Jumbo Jet  along the whole East Coast, and could steer into a building?

(Terror plane crashes into the North Tower; Photo-Atta, FBI "wanted"  photo; general photo  of Mohamad Atta)
The terrorist pilot in this attack was Mohammed Atta.  His role is uncertain. On the one side, based on questionable  evidence offered by  special investigators, he was declared the leader of the terrorists.  On the other side, he had connections to precisely these investigative services.  It has been shown that just a few days before the attacks Atta got $100,000 from the chief of Pakistani intelligence; and this Pakistani intelligence chief had connections to American intelligence.

Tom Flocco: General Mahmoud Ahmad, the chief of Pakistani intelligence, had met with CIA Director George Tenet just six days before September 11.  On the morning of the terrorist attack, Ahmad had met with the chairmen of the Intelligence Committees of the House and Senate.  There is a direct connection between the money payments to the head terrorist, Mohammed Atta, and Mahmoud Ahmad.  That is, we have here most senior governmentofficials meeting with the man who paid for the terrorist plane attacks.

War pictures from Afghanistan:  tanks, bomber, attacks 
Afghanistan, November 2001, The hunt for Osama Bin Laden,the mastermind of the terrorist attacks, is underway.

George Bush: There is an old phrase (--”Lakat?”) in the West:  wanted: dead or alive.

Wanted poster. 
Osama Bin Laden and his band, wanted dead or alive.  This man, on whose head was set a price of $25 million--comes from the Bin Laden dynasty of Saudi construction industry owners.  Co-financed by the CIA, he went to Afghanistan the ‘60’s, to support the Mujahdeen, who were fighting the Soviet occupationforces.  In 1991, he broke with the Americans, when the U.S. began to use his sacred homeland as the staging area in the first Gulf War against Iraq.  In revenge, he arranged a number of attacks against American facilities.

Georg  Bush: It is clear that Mr. Bin Laden is an evil man.  He and his people boast openly that they hope to do still more harm to our country.

FBI Warrant
Bush sees Bin Laden as the man principally responsible for the September 11 attack.   However, when one studies the FBI warrant for Osama Bin Laden, one discovers a surprise.  Still, one and one half years after September 11, 2001, there appears to be insufficient evidence concerning September 11.  In the warrant, Osama Bin Laden is charged only with the bomb attack against two U. S. embassies, but not with the attacks of September 11.

General confusion. Question to CIA Director George Tenet.  (sound over-  Congressional Hearing)

Question:  Is Bin Laden still alive?

Tenet:   I have no idea, sir.

Question:  When did we last have information  that he was alive?

Tenet:    I’ll be glad to talk about that in a closed session.

Tom Flocco: The CIA is quite close to Bin Laden.  Our own president has had very close business relationships to the Bin Ladens.  All of these questions were not answered,  and no position taken about the most important questions. 
It is as if there is a little dirty secret that no one want to mention.  It’s there, but no one will touch it.

Manhattan, an Internet cafe in Manhattan
In an internet cafe, we met Nico Haupt.  A German, he came three years ago to New York and joined the 9/11 skeptics. Scarcely anyone else knows the international internet scene better--and those web sites have could scarcely have more variations or concerns.

Nico Haupt: A married housewife in San Francisco who distributes 9/11 Deception Dollars; the  English students whom I know only by their first names; a specialist in New Zealand who is only concerned with documentary evidence... Then we have the organization scene around Unanswered Questions, the 9/11 Commission people...

(various 9/11 internet sites)
The internet is the ideal medium for the 9/11 skeptics and conspiracy theorists.  Sometimes it is difficult separate wild speculation from genuine information.  For anyone who is seriously concerned with getting the truth about the catastrophe, one can’t do without the extensive chronology of 9/11 put out by Paul Thompson--a truly gigantic time/date archive with countless internet links to newspaper articles, pictures, and witness reports: a mass of information that the skeptics from which the skeptics can only conclude: the official version can not be true.

Nico Haupt: According to specialists who have studied the official records and reports, and the Time Line from Paul Thompson, there appears to be a different story about the crash of Flight 93, and perhaps also about a missile into the Pentagon.

There is a suspicion going around that the Pentagon was not struck by a plane. It was first suggested by the French political commentator [“Politaloge’] Thierry Meyssan.

scenes of the Pentagon after the attack.
There was shock, incomprehension and unbelieving astonishment that the one of the best-guarded buildings in the world could not defend itself from attack. John Judge knew the Pentagon since childhood 

John Judge:
When I was 10 years old, I would go into the courtyard of the Pentagon to eat.  I sat down on a silver box and my father said:  Get down from there, that is an anti-aircraft missile port.  That’s how I knew that the Pentagon has such air protection.  In addition, it is possible for a jet to investigate, and if necessary, shoot down such a plane. 

scenes from the Pentagon after the crash
For John Judge, whose parents worked in the Pentagon, the explanation that a timely defense of the Pentagon was not possible is completely unbelievable. He does not want to speculate if it was in fact a plane that struck the Pentagon. The testimony of eye witnesses are too confusing.  In fact, one could conceive of many kinds of flying devices, and even an explosion set off inside the building has been  suggested.  In any case, the collapse of the building wall occurred some time after the original explosion.

photo of a press conference.  Pictures of the Pentagon destruction. 
press conference in the Pentagon.The Defense Department says that the plane came out of the north, flew at an angle to then driving through a building, striking a newly-rebuilt section of the Pentagon--passing  through the first “ring” building, and then two more building “rings.”  The path through the buildings  left a 1.8 wide meter hole.

As with the Flight 93 crash near Shanksville, the Pentagon plane disappeared--or pulverized, as the Defense Department explains.

Fairy Tales at the Pentagon?
In fact, it is difficult to identify any plane parts in pictures of the scene after the Pentagon crash.

Also nothing inside the buildings.

But there are insignificant details left behind: a clock, a charred telephone, gutted rooms,,,,furnishings

The situation was quite different at the World Trade Center.  In spite of the much greater destruction, one found identifiable plane parts.

The Sheraton Hotel  outside
With such pictures, one does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to begin to have doubts.  Other pictures taken of the Pentagon that might have clarified the questions were confiscated the same day.   For example, all of the video monitor tapes from the Sheraton Hotel--which is nearby—were seized.  The Hotel has a good view of the Pentagon, and from the side that was struck--and which now has been repaired.

From the windows of the higher floors of the Sheraton there was a good view of the crash.  In fact, an amateur photographer's picture, made right after the crash, managed to slip through the fingers of the investigators. 

This picture--made before smoke obscured the side of the building, does not show the sort of hole such as was made at the Twin Towers.

There is also a first snap shot made immediately after the crash of flight 93.  The photographer shows her picture, standing at the spot where she took the picture.  One sees a mushroom cloud--as was described by other witnesses.

Ernie Stull and Gerhard Wisnewski
Ernie Stull: There it is--what we saw.  Looks almost like a mushroom

Question: At the very first, what did you think it could be?

Ernie Stull: Well...that a plane had crashed.  But when we got here, there wasn’t anything.

Question: What do you mean--there wasn’t anything? 

Ernie Stull: Well...there was no plane.  There was what you see a hole.  and that is the dirt that the airliner threw out--and the hole, about 6 meters deep...and that was all there was.

Afghanistan. After a bomb attack, there is the same smoke cloud as in Shanksville.

Was it a bomb or a rocket?  The pictures from the explosion site at the Pentagon and near Shanksville
might suggest that.

Bush and Rumsfeld looking at the Pentagon site. 
The Defense Department could have dealt with every doubt that arose about the investigation, but instead pressure was put on the victim families to draw them into the secrecy.

Dennis Roddy: One of our reporters drove to New Jersey, where the cockpit film was shown.  But the bureaucrats would not allow the press to hear the tapes, and the families were told they could not talk about the contents.

pentagon by night,  AFIP brochure
The identification of the Pentagon and Shanksville dead is suspect. The military controlled the process, not civilian facilities.  The pathologist published an extensive brochure about the results--with a surprising item:  they had not found anything identified as being the terrorists,they nevertheless issued for them death certificates as “John Does.”  At Shanksville, only 5% of the dead were identified.
“Nothing more than a piece of bone. Not one drop of blood--not a drop.” said Coroner Wally Miller, who had sought remains at the time for the FBI.  In spite of that, the pathologist insisted that all passengers had been identified. Family members were offered a coffin or an urn.

Ernie Stull and Gerard Wisnewski

Ernie Stull: I spoke with a woman from New Jersey, and she said she had been given a very small box, and she took it home for burial.

Question: Was she sure it was the remains of her relative?

Ernie Stull: From her husband.  Yes.

Question: But she did not look inside..

Ernie Stull: Yes, she had opened the box, but...

Question: And everyone could be identified?

Ernie Stull: DNA.  When they have found even a small part...

Question: They had DNA from all the passengers?

Ernie Stull: From each one.

Because of the uncompromising reluctance of the Bush government to clarify the September 11th events, even the identity of the dead are made doubtful.

(Historical background material: aircraft carrier, photo of Fidel Castro.)

From out of the Cold War era, a decades-old secret document about lies and crime has come to light that
may be a key to the present:  It is a story that persuasively illustrates the extent of cynicism to which the Pentagon was capable, when determined to achieve its political objectives.  The document was signed by General Lyman Lemnitzer, who was later supreme commander of NATO.  In his book, Body of Secrets, James Bamford notes that this secret Pentagon plan was given a title that would appear harmless--OPERATION NORTHWOODS--nevertheless had the sub-title: How to Provoke a War.

In 1962, America’s general staff and CIA planned how they might finally rid the political landscape of communist Cuba and its hated head of state, Fidel Castro. But there was a problem: 

James Bamford
The rest of the world and the American people would oppose their plan. So these officials sought a way to mobilize the American people and the rest of  the world to support an invasion of Cuba. One such scheme describes the staging of terrible incidents--terrorist incidents such as bomb explosions that would kill people, the shooting of Americans, and such.

You should recall that these terrorist acts were to be directed against our own people, and then the blame would be directed toward Cuba.  The suggested horrors that might be committed was was a long list. The master stroke was to be a aircraft operation.  A plane was to take off from a Florida airport with CIA personnel as passengers destined for a vacation in the Caribbean. 

James Bamford
At the same time as this passenger plane took off, an identical plane would take off from a nearby airport. The second plane would be be empty, steered by remote control. The first plane with its CIA passengers would then land and the second, empty, remote controlled plane would take the place of the first plane in the air, and soon would be flying over Cuba.  This second plane would broadcast an SOS that had been previously recorded on tape.   Then, with the pressing of a button, the empty plane would  explode.  Thereby,  the claim that the Cubans had shoot down an American passenger plane would be believable.

Photo of  J. Kennedy,  graphic from Operation Northwoods, and the crash site of Flight 93. 
At the time, President Kennedy rejected the proposed project.   But today? Was Operation Northwoods a model for September 11th; and were the crashed passenger planes just remote controlled and the crash sites prepared? That is a dark suspicion that one can find at least around Shanksville. The coroner Wally Miller at the crash site: Maybe someone dug a 3 meter deep hole and just dumped the remains into it. And the Flight 93 passengers?  Perhaps they didn’t die there, as one first believed?  There are questions for which today there have been no answers--just a lot of theories.

James Bamford: One of the reasons for these conspiracy theories is that the U.S. government lies so much anyway.  The American government has maintained lies about a lot of things. They lied about nuclear weapons in Iraq. Recently, they gave out false documents to the United Nations, They lied about Viet Nam.  There were the Watergate lies--a lot of things.  Obviously, there is a lot of doubt if the U. S. government is telling the truth.

Quoting George Bush
“We must never tolerate the truth about terrorism to be compromised by linking the attacks on September 11th to irresponsible conspiracy theories: to evil lies that intend to direct the guilt away from the terrorists-- from those who are guilty.”    -George Bush.

James Bamford: I believe that the more suspicion there is, the better. Perhaps those people are on the right track.  Who knows. I believe the U.S. government is to blame that people are so skeptical.  I and skeptical myself; that’s why I’m a journalist.  I don’t immediately believe everything, but first take a closer look.

helicopter photo of Ground Zero after the crash.  Bush gets out of a helicopter in front of the White House. 

Back to the subject.  Never has a crime had such an impact for people worldwide.  Not only have human rights been diminished, but above all, and explosive military buildup has resulted in the United States.

And the President, who insists he will write history, finds himself in the role of his life. 

Georg Bush: We must prevail in the first war of the 21st Century.

Rumsfeld: The President is entirely correct.  we must take this war to terrorists, wherever they are.

Photo of a meeting in the Pentagon
while the whole world declares its solidarity with the American people, intregers in the Pentagon grasp the moment.  Paul Wolfowitz, identified by the U.S. media as the ultimate intelligence behind the scene, is the designer of a new American world order, for which aggressive war is legitimate.

Picture: Wolfowitz and Georg W. Bush)
--the chief missionary of this doctrine 

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President:

G. W. Bush: They tortured children and forced their parents to watch, they use electric shocks, burning from glowing iron, drops of (acid?)  on the skin, drills, tongues cut out, and rape. If that is not evil,evil has lost its meaning.

Standing ovation for a President whose rhetoric recalls the dark ages of the crusades.

James Bamford:
It appears that September 11th has provided this administration with a blank check to do  many things that would have been unthinkable before September 11th. 

[Letter sorting machine, letters to Senator Dashle, FBI, officials, an internet article]
A few weeks after the plane crashes, posted  letters with anthrax powder not only caused  anxiety and fear,five people died.  Some of the letters were addressed to political party leaders opposed to the Bush administration--among others, the Democratic Party Leader of the Senate,  Daschle. The Bush Administration accused the usual suspects. However, when the renowned biologist, Barbara Rosenberg, expressed the opinion that the anthrax must have come from the laboratories of the US military,  there was silence about the matter. Today, the anthrax case has not been explained.

Kyle Hence:
The anthrax was not from Iraq.  It did not come from abroad.  It did not come from some foreign terrorist.  This was domestic terrorism--possibly by way of our own government--from our own military. There was a lot of anxiety.  The anxiety preceded passage of the Patriot Act, that practically tore up our Bill of Rights and undermined the foundations of our democratic government system.

This “Patriot Act” that was already prepared before September 11th, contains a series of serious restrictions of American civil rights.  On October 26, 2001, it was signed by President Bush and the follow-up legislation was already being prepared.

Kyle Hence: The new Patriot Act, that is now being discussed--”the Domestic Security Enhancement Act,” makes the first law seem like like child's plait is by comparison, mild.  With this new law, if they say “we suspect you,” they can lock you up without your having access to a lawyer, and they do not need to charge you with anything.  That simply throws the Constitution out the window.

One wonders from pictures like these from the store Guantanamo which kind of democracy still wants to export the Bush government?  These people here still have less rights than sentenced mass murderers.

Drive with Tom Flocco through Philadelphia
Tom Flocco: Here is the first post office of the United States--here is the home of Ben Franklin...

Philadelphia. Tom Flocco is proudly showing us the city he was born in, which is America’s birthplace,
as well.  Never before now were these values so  threatened, he says. For Tom Flocco and his comrades-at-arms, it is a patriot duty to fight for those rights.

Tom Flocco:
And here is the Liberty Bell--there, in that glass case...
Finally, we asked Tom Flocco the question that troubled us the entire time:

Tom Flocco: This is a hard question--perhaps the hardest that you have asked. You’re asking me if MY government had instigated this. And the worst is, I am not sure--because I know quite well the evidence that has not been followed up, the witnesses that have not appeared in a court room nor a congressional  hearing.  And without those answers, I can not definitely say that members of our own government were NOT involved the plane crashes, nor did not know ahead of time. If they did know or even planned it, then we’re talking about treason and murder. We don’t know, but there are plenty people in this country who agree that we do not have enough information to make that judgement, one way or the other.  That is why so many of us have a problem. The evidence is hidden somewhere.  Is it carelessness and incompetence?  But even carelessness and incompetence is sufficient to impeach a President.  And that is just the minimum that we are dealing with, here.  That is what we must decide.


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