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MEP Ian Hudghton delivered our hand signed petition to Internal Market Commissioner Frits Bolkestein in Strasbourg. Petitions signed online have been sent to all key EU Commissioners and the Committee on Petitions.

19 December 2003. Thanks to the determined efforts of everyone flooding Members of the European Parliament with emails, faxes and letters MEPs finally voted by an overwhelming margin to ban the sale and production of domestic cat and dog fur and skin within the EU. Although during mid-December it had looked as if the Declaration would lapse without the required 314 signatories, by the deadline date of 22.12.2003, it had received the backing of 346 MEPs. As a result, the Declaration has now been adopted as the official position of the European Parliament thus requiring the European Commission to take action (we will keep you posted as events unfold.

Almost every MEP in the UK ( 80 from 87) signed his/her name to the Declaration