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 I thought you might be interested in the Blair Project but I won't be surprised if Blair gets re-elected, no matter how much anti-Blair feeling there is among his constituents because it looks like there is still going to be vote rigging in the UK.




By: Gail Chester/Blair Ditch Project 

“The difference between tyranny and democracy is not that bad things don’t happen in a democracy, but that the people who did them can be held to account” Tony Blair

"If we vote against Labour nationally we'll get the Tories. But persuading 10,000 people in Sedgefield to not vote Labour will get rid of Blair and make history." Blair Ditch


The Blair Ditch Project says:

"If we vote against Labour nationally we'll get the Tories. But persuading 10,000 people in Sedgefield to not vote Labour will get rid of Blair and make history."

The Blair Ditch Project is four activists from down South who're really pissed off that Tony Blair took us into an unnecessary and illegal war, yet has so far avoided being held accountable.

When he announced the General Election, they contacted Sedgefield's peace group, Sedgefield Against War, and agreed the following strategy:-

i) Make the Sedgefield campaign about the war, and support all the anti-war candidates. Since an exceptionally good candidate is required to beat Blair, they've decided to hear what they all have to offer. In time, they think, that Prime-Minister-Beating-Candidate will become clear for all to see! Then, probably at quite a late stage, they can get seriously into strategic voting TO ENSURE BLAIR LOSES, rather than just registering a noticeable protest vote.

ii) Offer all the Sedgefield candidates local help. It turns out there's big dissatisfaction with Blair personally - he's hardly ever there, never holds surgeries, and has no interest in local problems - like that there are no good jobs, a big drug abuse culture, deteriorating disused mines causing subsidence, all that kind of stuff. Each of the anti war candidates speaks well on issues other than the war:

Reg Keys, a paramedic/trainer for 20+ years, has strong views on the decline
of the NHS.

Cherri Blairout-Gilham is strong for pensioners.

David Shayler has loads on the shenanigans of MI5, MI6 and government
sponsored terrorism.

All of this will weaken Blair, and make it thinkable that his vote might go elsewhere, encouraging the electorate to believe that he really could be ousted.

iii) Agree with the mostly socialist locals who don't want the Tories back (nor do they) but point out that the Labour Party is doomed if Blair stays. Their slogan is 'DO LABOUR A FAVOUR - VOTE BLAIR OUT'. Vote against Labour nationally gets the Tories. But if 10,000 people in Sedgefield DONT VOTE LABOUR Blair is gone and history is made! Besides no sitting Prime Minister ever being kicked out while in office, by ditching him over his record on the war, no leader will ever again be able to arrogantly ignore
his electorate.

iv) Invite peace activists from all over the UK to set up a peace camp and go out every day to plead in person with local voters. 'OUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS'. 'USE YOUR VOTE ON BEHALF OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE - VOTE FOR ANY CANDIDATE BUT BLAIR'. They have a camp-site and all the necessary wherewithal a mile from Blair's house. They're calling on all UK anti-war groups to send volunteers to County Durham to help with the Great Work. The camp will be established this week and will be welcoming volunteers from the weekend of April 17th/18th.

v) Set up Public hearings in the constituency with well known speakers spelling out how life is in Iraq since the occupation, the bombing and the various horrors such as Fallujah and Abu Ghraib, how hyper-inflation,
unemployment, random shootings and the security situation generally has affected these people, the legality of it all, the systematic theft and plunder of Iraq's assets by allied forces and the American Governor J Paul Bremer III, the war crimes committed during the invasion, the sorry tale of lies and deceit that led to the war, and the brutal way the UK and US manipulated the sanctions to bring Iraq to its knees, the hundreds of thousands of deaths through malnutrition and disease in the first place, and inevitably conclude that Tony Blair can no longer be trusted to lead our nation, and should be dealt with accordingly. By Regime Change!

vi) Run their peace bus around the Sedgefield district and Newton Aycliffe with a mobile exhibition and good literature, various speakers, and a movie projector to show films that will let folk know what all the fuss is about!
Theyll organise gigs all over the constituency to spread the word and encourage good vibes.

vii) Ask for help from like-minded souls wherever they might be. Sedgefield Against War meets every Tuesday, all are welcome. 


Jan/Feb/Mar 2003 ... The big red peace buses went to Iraq to try to stop Bush's war - and stopped him bombing Baghdad's oil refinery, power stations, water purification works, and food storage and distribution facilities,
saving many thousands of lives. But the misery goes on there. Humanshields are still doing all they can for Iraq - and un-electing Blair will help.

Sep 2003 ... Brent Stop the War Group asked for a peace bus to come to London for their anti war campaign at the Brent East by-election. They were non-partisan, asking voters to vote for the candidate most likely to go
to Parliament and tell Blair that the voters of Brent East didn't like his war lies, the expense and murderous brutality, and that brave young soldiers were coming home in body bags from an illegal war without appropriate
equipment. Sarah Teather, an outstanding candidate, overturned Labour's 13,000 majority to get elected MP! So it's not impossible to re-create those circumstances in Sedgefield.