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Dear Mary,

I have been making enquiries from anyone I can think of as to how all this imported food is going to reach us when the oil supplies runs out.

I did try E.Mailing Farming Today - who have been asking listeners their views on whether farmers in the UK are necessary..

Am I the only person who sees a Nation where there is only a Tesco supplying food at astronomical cost to a population who have lost the ability to grow their own food? .... I see starvation for some and certainly malnutrition for many - after all even cheap processed food is dependent on oil.

Lovely Spring day here today - but the political situation is grim - how could anyone vote for a Government which needlessly slaughtered 10 million livestock, murdered thousands of Iraqis and (probably will) destroy thousands of hounds!

The alternatives do not inspire confidence. Never have our politicians been so ill-educated ignorant self seeking perverted and corrupt - ( or at least if they were we didn't know about it - O ignorance is bliss.)

Do hope life is treating you kindly and that the puppy you had a year or so back is a great comfort! Thank you for Warmwell - it is the only web-site I ever look at!

Kind regards