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From Snowmail August 19 2005

"What ifs dominate our top two reports tonight. (on the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and the sidelining of Mo Mowlam)

What difference would it have made to the police investigation if we all knew four weeks ago, what has now emerged about the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes?

Why didn't the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) come out at the time and complain about the Met Police blocking their investigation, and not quashing incorrect reports about Mr De Menezes's behaviour and appearance?

Crucially what difference would it have made if the police had come out on the day and admitted they'd shot dead a totally innocent man in normal clothes, who did nothing suspicious at all as he walked into Stockwell station, bought a ticket, and got on a train?

What would have happened, for example, to the cooperation with the police of leading Muslim community organisations? Our home affairs correspondent Simon Israel investigates the alleged cover-up. I put some of the questions about the IPCC to Tony Murphy, solicitor and independent member of their advisory committee. And, one of Brazil's best known correspondents tells us how the De Menezes family campaign for justice has galvanised national support.

Tributes to Mo

As we look at the remarkable life of Mo Mowlam, who died this morning, the question underlying her achievements as Northern Ireland secretary and no-nonsense "nation's favourite" politician is "what if" she'd not suffered such a serious illness?

Only 51 when she stepped down from Parliament, bitter at being sidelined from the Good Friday Agreement she helped broker and undermined, she believed, by vicious rumour and gossip from the Labour leadership, Dr Mowlam never fully found a new public role before recurrent illness claimed her..."