Friday, July 22
10am: Jean Charles de Menezes shot by police on Tube at Stockwell
10.30am: Witnesses report a man being chased into the station wearing a padded jacket and leaping barrier
11.50am: Scotland Yard confirms shooting. Says man “was challenged by officers and subsequently shot”. Complaints department alerted
12.00pm: Sir Ian Blair asks to delay the Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation to safeguard the hunt for terrorists
3.45am: The Yard issues pictures of four men wanted for the failed attacks on July 21. Sir Ian says: “The information I have available is that this shooting is directly linked to the ongoing and expanding anti-terrorist operation”
Yard statement says “clothing and behaviour” at station added to suspicions. Investigations are to be conducted under IPCC supervision. Later amended to say that IPCC will conduct inquiry
Gesio de Avila, a friend of Mr de Menezes, whom he was meant to meet, says he contacted Mr de Menezes’s mobile phone.
Saturday, July 23
Early hours: Mr de Avila is rung by police because he phoned the dead man. Police question him for two hours at his north London home. They show him pictures of Mr de Menezes and say that he may be dead
9.40am: Sir Ian says that the operation to find the failed bombers from July 21 is “fantastic” and that developments have been “very encouraging”
“The level of public response to the appeals has been extremely good, we’re very happy with what’s happening,” he said. “I actually believe the Metropolitan Police is playing out of its socks. I think it’s a fantastic investigation and a fantastic response”
10.30am: Sir Ian told that the dead man could be innocent. “Somebody came in and said the equivilent of ‘Houston we have a problem’,” he said. “I thought ‘That’s dreadful. What are we going to do?’ ”
5pm: Yard confirms that the dead man is not linked to terror attacks.
9.45pm: Mr de Menezes is named.