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From The Times, 9th Feb,,10295,00.html

Blair rules out cheap-flight tax

By David Charter
Chief Political Correspondent

Tony Blair said yesterday [8/2/05] that it was electorally impossible to "slap" taxes on cheap flights to curtail rising airline pollution as Britain expanded its airports. The Prime Minister said that "facing a potential election" he preferred to encourage scientific advances to make travel more fuel-efficient.

Speaking at the liaison committee, a group of senior MPs who are all select committee chairmen, Mr Blair challenged them to say if any believed it was possible with an election looming to increase air fares. Mr Blair said: "Hands up round this table how many politicians facing a potential election in the not too distant future, who would vote to end cheap air travel?" Seeing no arms at first, Mr Blair said: "Right - none".


An emailer comments:

So this tells us quite a lot about our PM

He seems to be completely ignorant of environmental issues
He shows no appreciation of the causes and  effects of climate change
He thinks his election is more important than our planet
He is insufferably arrogant
His grammar and syntax - awful
 - and his eyesight is not too good either!