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February 2005

Not "airbrushed"

I am sure that I speak for many of the 10,000 farmers whose animals were illegally slaughtered during the contiguous cull in 2001 - the images which we were forced to witness will never be airbrushed out of our consciousness.

Four years on and I am still haunted each and everyday by the image of my favourite cow, Ringagain, who was 16 years old, having her brains blown out. Here is a photo of her when she was six months old...............she was a very special lady.

And I'm haunted by the image of Emma, an eight year old ewe who was shot while giving is a photo of her being fed by my son when she was a few days old............

These animals were part of our family and we loved them dearly. These are just two of the hundreds of our cows and sheep who were brutally slaughtered.

How could any vet authorise and take part in this mindless and pointless slaughter of healthy animals ?

best wishes

Didi Phillips

Higher Fonstone Farm
Warbstow Cornwall