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email with photos from Jan Fialkowski - Feb 13 2005

"A hero of our times - Nick Green"

A hero of our times - Nick Green, with banners, at the London Demo. Julian Thurgood ( to the left

A one day old lamb learning the harsh truth about Blair's Foot and Mouth policy. Poor soul.. There were more than four hundred such 'poor souls' in that same field... Lessons learned? Not likely!

We will never forget the innocent. My heart still aches thinking about this carnage...


Hello Mary,

I want to thank you for raising the issue of the horrors of the carnage of Foot & Mouth by publishing Nick Green's letter at a time that the smug Mr Blair is choosing time to hold election rallies throughout the country.

Much has been made about the apology Blair has given to the Guildford Four. I feel he should go a few steps further. He should apologise to the families of the SIXTY dead farmers who committed suicide because of his farming 'scorched earth' (equivalent) policies re foot and mouth. He has not 'learned' by what happened. He has armed himself with poor laws, in readiness, to make the same mistakes all over again.

He should apologise to the wife and family of Dr Kelly who was publicly hounded, harassed and belittled. He was driven to suicide by Blair's mob (I dare not contemplate what may have really happened).

He should apologise to the families of the poor soldiers and airmen killed needlessly in Iraq. Especialy the soldier ordered to hand over his body armour and was then killed not wearing it. I have not mentioned yet the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis who were killed in the name of enforced democracy. The flames of Islamic insurrection have not even started burning yet, as he is finding out....

Gordon Brown has continued Blair's line of GUFF! At the Gateshead Sage Conference Centre he spouted words to the effect of:

'We must unite against terrorism..We must form a Community of Nations!'

If that is the case, why is he and Blair so intent on joining and becoming the opposite, a Nation of Communities? Many of us want to be close partners with our European Allies, ie: part of a 'Common Market' yes, but we don't want to hand over our nation to be ruled by men in grey suits. We want - using ballot papers, not bombs- to be able to get rid of useless politicians.

Thank you Nick Green for reminding us what Blair really stands for... Lies and deceit on a grand scale.

May God protect us from the 'Grinning Idiot'.

Jan Fialkowski