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email from the Reverend Patricia Pinkerton

Feb 20 2005

I  am pleased to say that the FMD  archive is well underway. Thousands of entries are being logged, although I am still giving Philip Sheppy hundreds of documents with people coming forward and offering research, old reports from '67,and worn bundles of clippings people have kept with an elastic band  from early FMD outbreaks. It's quite touching. I even had a big metal sign given to me that says FMD Precautions Start Here, on the reverse FMD Precautions Finish Here.

I am just touched that people feel moved enough to contribute.

Warmwell, has been my flag ship, and what you do Mary, keeps me at the task.

It's not over yet is it?
Hoping to meet you one day.

Thanks for what you do.


See also the introduction to "The foot and mouth disease outbreak 2001 a national archive " Phillip Sheppy, MBE, FRAgS

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