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From the forum of the NPA

Robert Persey February 24

Yesterday Sir Brian Bender, the Permanent Secretary at DEFRA, appeared before the Public Accounts Committee to discuss FMD. He was asked about future outbreaks of the disease.

He is reported as saying

The 2001 outbreak was due to the negligence of MAFF who granted an Article 26 licence to Burnside Farm, Heddon on the Wall under the ABPO 1999, when the inspecting State Vet was aware that unprocessed catering waste was being stored on that farm, contrary to the provisions of the ABPO 1999.

Sir Brian is trying to defend the negligence of his department by saying that the unprocessed swill was on the edge of the property and not on the property.

He was not amused when Angela Browning M.P.produced the MAFF map of Burnside Farm which identified the location of the waste food beside the pig housing. Nobody at DEFRA appeared to have seen the map.

Why should farmers pay for DEFRA negligence in the future?.

Why should farmers pay for FMD or Swine Fever that jumps out of a landfill site or a meat composting centre?

Isn't the Government culpable by playing fast and loose with our food supplies and letting infected meat into our Country? Are landfill operators or compost site operators forced to carry 5 billion of insurance cover? This all sounds like another case of "lets kick the farmers, they only vote Tory"