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2 Feb 2005
Dear Mary
I still visit and read - I also send links to Warmwell and suggest people 'read up' on what really did happen. Not the Government propaganda version. I still get very passionate about fmd and how so many people and their animals suffered needlessly.
I saw some lambs yesterday and almost like a 'flash back' I recalled the lambs being rounded up from the local farm to be taken to Great Orton.
I was emailing someone last week about vaccination and fmd.  They hold the view (that was so rife at the time) about vaccination effecting the meat/milk market, they also believe that ALL vaccinated animals would have to be slaughtered.  I pointed them in the direction of Warmwell. I hope they took the time to read and be educated.
Historians say you should look back into history 'and fmd is now that' and never repeat the mistakes you made - learn from them and move on.... If not for Warmwell and Farmtalking I feel that we might have 'dreamt it all' .  I think we are far from having learned anything.  Not the people who calls the shots anyway.
Take Care