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Subject: FW: High Yewdale Farm.

From Tiffany Hunt, Director for North West, The National Trust

Dear ............

Thank you for your recent email concerning High Yewdale Farm, which has been passed on to me as Regional Director for a reply.

I am sorry that you feel that the National Trust has failed to listen in coming to a decision over High Yewdale. The regional team has worked hard over the past six months to answer the concerns that have been raised, both locally and nationally. In response to these we have tried to address or provide reassurance on a range of issues, from those surrounding the retention of the hefted Herdwick flock to the broader maintenance of the heritage the Lake District landscape. Lessons have been learnt, and because there are other farm tenancies coming vacant in the near future, we are already looking at methods to improve the way in which we consult with tenants and the local community in particular.

We will continue to support fell and hill farming - indeed this decision has largely been made to ensure the future of the four neighbouring families' livelihoods and the traditions of farming in the valley. We will continue to work on many fronts to support fell and hill farms, for example through lobbying for the continuation of the Hill Farm Allowance, by investing in projects that add value to Herdwick meat and wool and in developing Whole Farm Plans and Valley Plans that guide our shared investment. We will also continue to champion farming for the numerous public benefits that it provides - and to work for solutions that reward farmers for their contribution.

As farmers retire, you would expect us, as a responsible organisation, to look at each farm's viability and work through the best future for that farm, and the valley in which it sits. The Lake District has been a changing, evolving landscape since time began, and it is up to us and our partners to embrace that change, work with it and ensure a positive, vibrant future for all who live, visit and work here.

Carol Murdoch
Director's Administrator
The National Trust
North West Regional Office
The Hollens
LA22 9QZ

Direct Tel: 015394 63824
Switchboard: 015394 35599