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May 26 2004

'A Rough Guide to the UK Farming Crisis'

- a new report from Corporate Watch

Farming is in crisis. Farmers complain that despite subsidies they cannot
make ends meet, that they are paid less than production costs and many are
being driven into bankruptcy. Meanwhile, environmentalists rail against
farmers, complaining that they abuse the land with pesticides and mono-
cultures, mistreat their animals, and produce food in a way that is
unnatural and unhealthy.

In this report we argue that both the farmers and the environmentalists are,
broadly speaking, correct, the farm income crisis and the environmental
failings of farming are attributable to precisely the same economic causes -
the globalisation and liberalisation of the trade in food and the
concentration of market power in the hands of a small number of
multinational food corporations.

Farmers and environmentalists, instead of accusing each other ,should be
working together to transform the food system and to create a pattern of
food production based on respect for the land and the needs of local
communities rather than exploitation and greed.

For a hard copy of this 52 page report, cost 5.50/3.00 incl postage and
packing, please email or download as a pdf from
our website

'What's Wrong with Supermarkets?' Updated and reprinted

This popular report which takes a critical look at the supermarkets and the
ways in which they shape the food system has recently been updated and
reprinted (April 2004).
Available online at or for a
hard copy, cost 1.50 including postage and packing email

Corporate profile of food service company, Sodhexo

The food service sector is a major buyer of UK and global agricultural
produce. This briefing (March 2004) takes an in-depth look at Sodhexo, a
food service company which touts for business with everyone from
multinational corporations to NHS Trusts and schools. The first in a series
of briefings investigating the major players in the increasing powerful food
service sector.
Available online at

See also

Hungry Corporations: Transnational Biotech Companies Colonise the Food Chain

Helena Paul, Ricarda Steinbrecher, Devlin Kuyek, and Lucy Michaels.

Examines the structure and processes of the biotech and agrochemical companies' infiltration of developing countries' markets.

Argues that these companies have gained control of the global food chain through public, government, and institutional manipulation.

Critiques the commonly held belief that the industrialized agricultural model promoted by biotech companies is a viable solution to hunger. 256 pages. $22.50. Contact Zed Books, 7 Cynthia Street, London N1 9JF, UK; phone (44 0207) 837-4014; fax (44 0207) 833-3960; Web site