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Letters to the press about Nigel Doughty's donation to Labour


It seems that the press have only received a handful of letters commenting on the £250,000. donation given to the Labour party by a windfarm developer.  

Judging by the number of comments I have received this is obviously a case where everyone thinks that everyone else has already written!

Campaigners against wind power stations must not lose this opportunity to express their views.

I urge you to submit your comments on this ‘donation’ to New Labour by the owner of the world's biggest manufacturer of wind turbines.

List of addresses attached to make it easier for you!

Please write for your own sakes and the sake of our countryside.   


“despite massive local opposition”

Daily Mail 23/05/05

Labour, wind power and a tycoon's £1/4m donation

A wind farm tycoon who stands to make millions from Labour's push for
alternative energy emerged yesterday as one of the party's biggest financial

Venture capitalist Nigel Doughty gave Labour £250,000 after a dinner with
Tony Blair held for potential donors this year.

His company owns LM Glasfiber, the world's biggest wind turbine
manufacturer, which is likely to make a huge profit from the campaign for
renewable energy.

Mr Doughty, who is also chairman of Nottingham Forest football club, has
never previously given money to Labour although he did sign a public letter
of support for the party before the election.

The donation is expected to be formally disclosed by the Electoral
Commission this week.

The Government has a target that 10 per cent of electricity should come from
renewable sources by 2010, with an ambition to double that to 20 percent by
2020. It has pushed ahead with plans to construct more than 5,000 wind
turbines in remote areas despite massive local opposition.

Mr Blair has said wind farms are necessary to meet the country's commitment
to produce energy from renewable sources.

Last March, at a presentation to investors, LM Glasfiber boasted that the
British market was one of its most important and was set for 'substantial
growth in 2005'. It has already supplied numerous wind turbine blades in
this country including those for the Cefn Croes wind farm in Wales.

A Labour spokesman said: "All donations received by the Labour Party are
recorded and published in accordance with the rules laid down by the
Electoral Commission."

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