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received May 5 2005

Your comment. " Why? How? If New Labour gets a "substantial victory" it would seem that you can, after all, fool virtually all of the people virtually all of the time."

Hardly surprising is it when two of the best selling newspapers back the Government.

Just look at these and you will see what I mean. and

The front page of the Sun yesterday carried the story " Why size matters " and then went on to tell of an interview with Tone and Cherie giving graphic details of their sex life.

Quentin Letts ( on how the Prime Minister`s credibility - and good taste - plumbed to new depths ) responded today in the Daily Mail.

Simon Edge, Daily Express There is a chance that I may be retiring soon and you never know, I may do a Mary and just bugger off outa this corrupt, selfish and hopeless Country.
Been up against the "clones" in a certain High St. Bank today defending my Mother - in- Law who is 84, almost blind and suffers from Alzheimer's. We`ll win, but why does there have to be a battle to get people to show compassion for the infirm and elderly. The arrogant twit of a Manager may just lose his comfy little 9 - 5 over this and he may just learn to have some respect.

You have probably read Jon Snow stating that there was a queue ? Well, there were two queues down the road. Good omen ?

All four of us went together. As I hovered over the box I thought " This one`s for you Dr. Kelly ! " He lived in our Constituency.

Fingers crossed.

Might have a large one or two tonight.