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Hugh Fearnley - Whittingstall. From the River Cottage meat book.
Going on at much length about good husbandry.
 "..........The vast majority of our food animals are now raised under methods that are systematically abusive. For them, discomfort is the norm, pain is routine, growth is abnormal and diet is unnatural. Disease is widespread and stress is almost constant.
We have battery laying hens in wire cages so small they cannot turn round. We farm broiler chickens indoors for our fast food restaurants and supermarkets, in such close confinement and such huge numbers that premature deaths counted in the millions are considered the industry norm. We raise millions of pigs who never see daylight, soft ground or even straw, but only strip lighting, steel and concrete. We keep cattle indoors not for months but for years, bedded on their own excrement and given drug laced feeds - the only way to stave off the diseases that would inevitably invade such intensive systems. Sheep, who may even be lucky enough to have lived outside, are then herded into trucks to be driven for days, without food or water to their slaughter.
This isn't husbandry. It`s persecution. We have completely failed to uphold our end of the contract............." 
 This is a small excerpt. He also goes on about de-beaking etc.
Mary, I am grateful to dear Bryn for giving us the opportunity to take part in the EU consultation on the welfare of farm animals. I also wish that those that complained about Jamie Oliver slaughtering a lamb on television should consider where and how their lamb chops get onto their plates and whether it is kinder for the lamb to have been playing with his chums in a field two minutes before his death or to have been driven perhaps thousands of miles  - under appalling conditions throughout both  final journey and slaughter.
 And if they believe that these animals are stunned before they are killed then they can think again. As we know, quite often they do not even have their throats cut before they are chopped up.
Right. I`m gonna calm down.   Rx.