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Oliver Letwin on Labour's performance over emissions


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29th September 2005

Ref: 2272/05


Letwin: Labour is failing Britain on Climate Change


Commenting on the DEFRA Secretary’s speech to Labour’s Conference this afternoon, Shadow Environment Secretary Oliver Letwin said:


“In her speech today, Margaret Beckett claimed that ‘Wherever I go I am told that 2005 is the year in which Britain’s Labour Government is leading the world on climate change.’


“In reality, Labour is not even leading Britain.  We are going backwards on climate change.


“Labour are failing to reach any of the targets necessary to reduce Carbon emissions by 20%, and they are now falsely claiming that they never made a commitment to improve domestic energy efficiency. 


“Labour must stop talking about global leadership, and begin implementing their own policies here in Britain.”




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Notes to Editors


As recently as May 2004, Labour claimed that they would cut Carbon emissions not merely by the 12.5% decreed by Kyoto, but by a total of 20% by 2010. ( )


In reality, CO2 emissions in 2004 were 4.5 MtC higher than in 1997. CO2 emissions have risen in five of the last seven years. (Friends of the Earth Press Release, 26 February 2004). We are actually going backwards on Climate Change!


Labour are indeed failing to reach any of the targets necessary to reduce Carbon emissions by 20%, something Ms Beckett herself admitted last year ((The Guardian, December 9 2004).


For example, Labour originally promised a 30% improvement in domestic energy efficiency. They now falsely claim that the commitment was never made – either by themselves or the previous Conservative Government. (see:


Labour also promised to produce 10% of electricity by renewable means. In 2003, the amount of renewable energy stood at just 2.21% of electricity generated.

(Digest of United Kingdom Statistics. See also:

If current trends continue, we will miss even our Kyoto target of 12.5% (‘UK “could miss Kyoto gas target” ’, BBC News Online, 1 April 2005).



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