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From Robert Persey Oct 31 2005

Dear Mary.

I am writing to update you on the swill feeders.

The Parliamentary Ombudsman is currently investigating the possible maladministration by MAFF officials when they renewed the swill feeding licence at Burnside Farm just before FMD arrived there. The Parliamentary Ombudsman is aware of the Jim Dring confession. She is aware that MAFF officials knew that unprocessed swill was being stored at Burnside Farm, contrary to the 1999 ABPO. She has seen the video depicting the appalling conditions at Burnside Farm sanctioned by the MAFF. She is aware that MAFF ignored numerous complaints about Burnside Farm including complaints by Chris Mullins M.P.??, the RSPCA and various neighbours including two doctors.

It has just been revealed that a previous Parliamentary Ombudsman identified serious maladministration by MAFF in the mid 1990's when they renewed a swill feeding licence on a farm, where the conditions should have prevented the renewal of the licence. (Case no.C 851/92). The circumstances of that investigation are identical to the present investigation.

Will the Parliamentary Ombudsman find that MAFF was responsible for serious maladministration leading to the 2001 FMD outbreak? It has been estimated that such a finding would lead to compensation claims from the EU and UK of 15 billion.

Will she be allowed to follow the precedent of the previous Parliamentary Ombudsman and identify serious maladministration or will she be leaned upon by Government?

You can place this on your website if you wish. The report is due out in January.