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"an 82 year old man, a member of the Labour Party since 1948, a refugee from Nazi Germany, a candidate for the Labour Party - was effectively manhandled out of the conference hall for "heckling" Jack Straw"

(Other media reaction "Blair says Sorry" etc) September 29 2005 The Today Programme

Norman Smith "Yes. We had that rarity at Labour Party conferences now, a full head-on public relations catastrophe whereby an 82 year old man, a member of the Labour Party since 1948, a refugee from Nazi Germany, a candidate for the Labour Party - was effectively manhandled out of the conference hall for heckling Jack Straw - and I have to say, watching the debate,that "heckling" is a very grand way to describe what was going on. There was muted dissent. Anyway, poor old Walter Wolfgang shouted out "Nonsense!" whereby these huge bouncers cum wardens ushered him out. They also bundled out another member who said, "Hang on. What on earth are you doing here?"

John Humphreys And if he'd been very provocative he'd have said Hear hear?

NS (laughs) It doesn't end there though because when poor old Mr Wolfgang tried to come back into the conference hall after lunch the police wouldn't allow him back in - wait for it - UNDER THE PREVENTION OF TERRORISM ACT. And then, I mean then the labour Party grudgingly issued an apology about four or five hours later. To compound all this they are now saying that Mr Wolfgang can come back into the conference hall today "provided he gives a reassurance that he won't cause another disturbance" I mean it is utterly Orwellian almost in its grotesqueness.

JH "cause another disturbance" And the disturbance was to shout out "Nonsense!"?

NS He shouted Nonsense paradoxically as Jack Straw was saying that the Government's aim in Iraq was to establish democracy. I mean it was utterly, utterly obscene.

JH You describe it as a PR disaster, which obviously it is. Is there more to it than that, do you think?

NS I do, actually. Yes. I don't want to overstate it but I think in the current climate when we are looking at security, when we are looking at anti-terror measures, when we are looking at controversial offences like "glorifying terrorism", possibly detaining people for up to three months, maybe introducing ID cards- I think it does factor into that and make people think about the sort of mindset we're getting into in terms of security. As I say, I don't want to overstate it but I do think it plays into that and I certainly think opponents of the sort of measures that the government are looking at will highlight this sort of thing and say, "Hang on a second. Aren't we getting too authoritarian?"
So I do think actually it does go beyond a mere public relations shamble; it doe have some sort of political ramifications and perhaps more broadly you know we do need to sit down and reflect calmly about exactly what sort of society we are becoming.


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