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Warmwell statistics for January

I am sometimes asked how many people are reading This is quite a difficult question to answer - but here at least are the website statistics for January 2005. It must be remembered that a proportion of "hits" are from Search engines, following the updates. But this is also good news since it means that warmwell is reaching researchers across the globe.

Monthly Statistics for January 2005
Total Hits 120149
Total Files 85233
Total Pages 105013
Total Visits 31585
Total KBytes 4769654
Total Unique Sites 11085
Total Unique URLs 5200
Total Unique Referrers 1602
Total Unique User Agents 1521
. Avg Max
Hits per Hour 161 5209
Hits per Day 3875 13758
Files per Day 2749 5564
Pages per Day 3387 11729
Visits per Day 1018 2294
KBytes per Day 153860 216095