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Hi Mary.

I am writing this , as you can see at 22:49 Monday evening.

I attended a very moving ceremony today at Gt Orton. I have held a lone vigil here, each year since FMD, quietly and alone. This year was different. A small band of us paid our respects. At about 1200 Peter & Suzanne left and once again I was on my own in the place I have come to despise. I had an hour to lose until 1300, the dogs were very uncomfortable in the surroundings and with nothing better to do I decided to walk down and pick a verbal fight with the security guards manning the entrance at the end of "The Road To Hell". They were no fun; they patronised me by agreeing with everything I said! I went back to my van & at 1300 I said a few words & left.

5 years down the line & the wounds are still wide open here..............................


Nick Green's photograph of the stone at Great Orton on March 27 2006