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Email received Dec 30 2007

Dear Mary,

I have to let off some steam so the comments on the export of cattle from the Continent to the UK came just right.

I am still wondering about how brainwashed some people are. They haven't got a clue what is going on behind the scenes of the cattle trade.

Why the hell are calves (not only from the UK but from Germany as well) exported to Holland ? Farmers sell male Holsteins for next to nothing to dealers for export and later these dealers import low quality cattle for slaughter or fattening from Eastern Europe. We are clearly not dependent on our "European neighbours" as they are not dependent on us. It's the traders and exporters that make us believe this rubbish. Cattle is in big demand everywhere in the EU but how sending waggonloads around (and spread disease as an added bonus) makes any difference (except to the profit of the middleman) beats me.

And as to the rules, they have been adjusted against scientific advice to please the trade, now they should sort out their own mess without making farmers lives even more miserable.

In all my time breeding cattle I have neither bought nor sold animals through dealers or trade companies, this is work and time consuming but it is by far the most sensible way to make sure you get what you want and the buyers can be sure that the health status of the animals is exactly as described and not compromised by mixing with other animals of unknown origin.

The only ones interested in keeping animal diseases circulating are dealers, if cattle die or have to be culled they will happily sell new stock to their victims and hope for the next disease to strike.

Keeps them in business....

Feeling better now, back to the paperwork