Email from Angel Kelly, Chairman, Country Guardian. An early and enthusiastic supporter of the ‘green movement, I was one of the numerous ‘ill-informed’ in the Seventies.
I joined Friends of the Earth when we were being warned that a great Ice Age was imminent.
However, when that ‘scare’ proved to be unfounded, it was very quietly dropped.
I realised then that FoE et al had not done their homework and that I was just one of many ill-informed people on a
huge emotional ‘virtuous’ green bandwagon naively trusting to our leaders.
Naturally, I resigned membership of FoE and decided to do my own research in future.
This research is what led me to the early discovery that industrial wind turbines were little more
than money-spinning machines for the wind industry and the cheapest, quick-fix cosmetic exercise for politicians ‘to be seen to be green’.
In other words, destroy the environment in order, purportedly, to save it.


‘Wind Industry Bids to Win Over Doubters’    Science – Reuters Fri Nov 26, 2004

"The argument is reaching ridiculous proportions. Most people don't understand climate change and they don't understand wind turbines,"
Alison Hill of the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) told an international meeting in London.”

AK)  Alison Hill, when addressing that international meeting of the wind industry in London, never said a truer word!

We have pointed out many times that when the BWEA (trade lobby for the wind industry) claim that  74% of the public favour wind turbines, it just means that over 74% of the public,
to quote Alison Hill, “don’t understand wind turbines”.
The public’s ignorance about wind power is one of the wind industry’s most powerful weapons and well they know how to use it! That is the reason why  people, especially the young and students,
can be conned by the wind industry’s mantra that “it’s clean, it’s clean, it’s free”.
Fits well with a fundamentalist religious saying: "Give me the Child . . and I will show you the Man".!

The BWEA had to launch their expensive ‘Embrace the Revolution’ campaign because of  the huge, widespread and rapidly growing opposition to  this destructive industry as the applications flood in and more people discover the reality/truth about commercial wind turbines.  

It did not gone unnoticed that the BWEA launched their campaign in September 2004, the same month that the
Editor of Windpower Monthly wrote:  

“High time to strike back”  from which I quote:

Why should the reactionary antics of a has-been island off the north European coast be of concern to the international wind power industry? Because if Britain's current energy policies give way under the pressure, the wind market will collapse, taking with it the reputation of this entire industry.”

The wind industry is obviously engaging in concerted and worldwide action to counter this growing pressure.

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) published a *paper in March 2004 in which they accused Country Guardian of being “organized and funded by the nuclear industry”.  
This lie  has been peddled by the proponents of commercial wind turbines, Greenpeace, FoE etc at public meetings and to decision-makers all over the UK for many years.    
Country Guardian does not have a policy on nuclear power.  Individual members have various opinions on nuclear power  which range from being vehemently against it
to accepting it as “Hobson’s choice” until something better is discovered to reduce CO2 emissions.

Country Guardian supports energy conservation and opposes industrial wind turbines connected to the National Grid.  
Those are the only two principles that unite all its members.


The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) published “Public Attitudes on Wind Energy” (3/11/2004) The Utilities Project Volume 4 By Thomas O. Gray,
in which Country Guardian was accused of being ‘organised and funded’ by the nuclear industry.
Legal action, taken by Leading Counsel on behalf of Country Guardian, ensured the immediate removal of this untrue and libellous allegation and an apology from the author on this website:


(3/11/2004) The Utilities Project Volume 4
By Thomas O. Gray, American Wind Energy Association (Extract)

“The bulk of wind-specific polling has taken place in European countries, and in particular in the United Kingdom, where the nuclear industry has organized and funded a “countryside preservation” group to oppose wind development. The organization, called Country Guardian, has been successful in stimulating enough controversy to delay or even defeat a number of wind projects.”

The apology as published in place of the untrue allegation above.

“Country Guardian is a UK organization founded, funded and run by its members, all of whom are individuals motivated solely by their concern for the integrity of the British landscape. It receives no external funding from any business source. We and the author wish to apologise for any contrary impression given in a previously published version of this article: any such impression was untrue and given in error.”   

The untrue and libellous allegation has also been removed from the AWEA’s own website:
I have been informed that this libel remains on some Google searches and discs circulated to educational establishments. I have  not confirmed or verified this myself though.

Angela Kelly
Chairman, Country Guardian.