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Dr Fink's email in full February 2007

'Baroness Farrington of Ribbleton: My Lords, the vaccination programme is obviously kept under review, but as I know the noble Baroness is aware from earlier discussions, ... there is a danger that reliance .... could spread the disease further and thus be dangerous.'

Mary, As I am sure that you know, this is complete and utter rubbish and shows that all the 'Virologists' invented by Fred Landeg in Page Street, in answer to a question from the Countess of Mar are a myth. 
DEFRA cannot be allowed to go on peddling this mis-information with such arrogance and insularity. They cannot even advise their representatives properly and know nothing of how vaccines work.

Vaccines are used ( in man or animals ) for two purposes:

1   To protect a population against a ' wildtype' infection
2   To preserve individuals within a population

All vaccinees will take a finite time to raise antibody and a white cell response to a vaccine.  When they have, if they meet a 'wild type' organism after appropriate vaccine, they  may become infected and replicate some virus within them. They will be protected against clinical disease  ( protecting the individual) and they themselves will be a very low infection risk ( or none at all- there are no absolutes in biological matters) and will NOT spread 'wildtype' virus in to the environment. 

The obsessional focus by DEFRA is on the period after vaccination and theoretically before a complete response has been made by the vaccinees. In fact any individual ( man or beast or bird) who has partially responded and then meets ' wildtype' virus early after vaccine may have mild clinical disease and may  excrete some virus in to the surroundings. That does not matter because the whole exercise is to reduce the spread of 'wildtype' and this will be a partial result in these few cases with much reduced virus shedding.  As one hopes to induce so called ' herd immunity' any flock or herd  which has been vaccinated ( but perhaps a bit late !! back to indecision in DEFRA) will still achieve lower excretion levels in to the environment and also will have only mild clinical disease - which most us thought was the object of the exercise.   

The myth of the silent spread of virus by vaccinated birds flying over DEFRA offices is just that.  - utter nonsense. I suggest that the entire DEFRA outfit is moved to a wetlands site and left without a roof.  At least then someone might read a book on vaccines before retirement.


( i.e. Colin G Fink B.Sc.,MB.,Ph.D.,FRCPath Virological Scientist and Physician )





































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