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activists who put the effort in for him in the past are not willing to do that again.

19 March 2005 ~ Two years on ...: “We’re voting with our feet and telling the Government we didn’t believe in this war. I was a member of the Labour Party and I’ve resigned from that as well. I couldn’t find anyone in the Labour Party who believed in the war – that’s Blair’s problem. His activists who put the effort in for him in the past are not willing to do that again." Scotsman report

19 March 2005 ~ As Tony Benn predicted, the Trafagar Square second anniversary protest at the Iraq war seems to be getting scant attention in the media. Even Snowmail remains silent. Here, however, is the Scotsman report. "....the demonstration passed peacefully but there was no mistaking the strength of feeling among the tens of thousands of people who flooded into Grosvenor Square."

19 March 2005 ~ "pundits should drop talk of an 80-seat Labour majority and get out more..." says Patrick Barkham in today's Guardian

19 March 2005 ~ Oil price .. It even reached $58 in New York yesterday. In the UK, hauliers are already saying that the high price of diesel may force them out of business. On Monday, the US Congress sat listening for an hour to a presentation on peak oil. On the UK parliament page, a search for "peak oil" gets no results at all.
Analysts reported in the London Free Press say that since OPEC members are already producing above their quotas, no extra supply will actually be added. (Peak Oil news)

19 March 2005 ~ David Shayler says he plans to stand against Tony Blair in Sedgefield. It was Mr Shayler, the former MI5 officer jailed for revealing state secrets, who gave this spirited defence of Katherine Gun last year after she publicised the e-mail from the National Security Agency in Washington that suggested spying on the seven swing vote countries at the UN, votes crucial to winning the eventually un-won second resolution committing the world to war in Iraq. He said, "She acted gallantly and honourably to expose an illegal operation... the 1989 Official Secrets Act remains a cancer in the body politic....In the case of Katharine Gun, the Attorney General and the man who employs him, the Prime Minister, risked being enormously embarrassed by the disclosure of legal advice regarding the Iraq war... "
(See also warmwell's Lord Goldsmith pages)

18 March 2005 ~ "Clare Short, the former international development secretary, described the nomination of the Bush administration's leading neoconservative hawk (Paul Wolfowitz) as the equivalent of sticking up "two fingers to the world". ."Bolton followed by Wolfowitz sounds like a declaration of war," the French commentator Nicole Bacharan told Reuters, "and if not that, a declaration of contempt."
." Independent which also gives Caroline Lucas' opinion.

18 March 2005 ~ "..the green revolution was very largely the result of our intensive use of oil. Most people do not know it, but all of our nitrogen fertilizer is made from natural gas. ...what we have done with the green revolution is to permit the population of the world to double and double again. So if we cannot now make sure that we stabilize population and bring it to the point where it can be supported by a technology where there is not what was ordinarily perceived as an inexhaustible supply of oil, there will simply be more people out there to be hungry and starved if we cannot meet their needs." Part of the extraordinary hour long presentation on Peak Oil to the US Congress on Monday. Today, oil is at about $57 a barrel and there is little chance of substantially lower prices. (Peak Oil page)

18 March 2005 ~ Simon Jenkins in the Times. His article on education today connects with everything else on warmwell; the disaster of an ineffectual and uncivilised government's mania for total control: "...The collapse is not just in quality. It is in central government’s faith in schools as autonomous institutions of education. Ever since Margaret Thatcher, syllabus reforms, schools, their teachers and parents have been treated as unfit to decide what is a liberal education. Politicians decide instead. ..." Read in full

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