Sunday, March 20, 2005


the government's mania for central control

20/21 March 2005 ~ ID cards. It will not be up to Parliament to decide what information is required on an ID card. This will be left to "the discretion of the Home Office"

“There will be no more information, in fact a lot less, and much less accessibility than there are for shopping cards at the moment”.
said Mr Blunkett last April - but his statement confuses data embedded in the identity card chip with the register or national database.

The list of more than fifty categories of information required for the register demonstrate the government's mania for central control and will probably astound you.

Quite apart from the civil liberties question, the government's lamentable record of IT competence make the whole enterprise dangerous. Their Lordships will, we hope, give the Bill short shrift and refuse to make any deal.

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