Sunday, March 20, 2005


ID bill - subject to peer review tomorrow

20 March 2005 ~ House of Lords - Identity Cards Bill Second Reading
is tomorrow, Monday (March 21st). A deal may be done with the Opposition to carry the Bill over to the next parliament, although we understand that senior Tories now regard the Bill as "controversial". Labour has made ID cards part of one of its six pledges in the run up to the election.
Liberty's briefing to the Lords may be read here.

(The website "No2ID" may be found

20 March 2005 ~ Warmwell is sometimes taken to task for its distrust of - not Europe where we live and work, but - the EU. However, we remember very well the story of Hans-Martin Tillack, recorded in these pages last year and think we will stick with the distrust for a bit, thanks.
Today, Booker's Notebook brings the EU whistle blowers' story up to date: "....the most chilling passages in Muis's long email related to the "unforgiving" way in which the Commission uses its "collective firepower" to "trash" any individual who dares to challenge its corrupt and bullying culture. He recalled how he himself had once been warned not to step out of line, by an official who threatened "we have ways of breaking people like you".

20 March 2005 ~ Coming up on Panorama BBC One, Tonight, 20 March 2005, 22:15 GMT -
Iraq, Tony and the truth
"Panorama reveals how several of the claims Tony Blair made in public during the build up to the Iraq war conflict with what was going on behind the scenes .." (see also our Goldsmith pages)

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