Wednesday, March 23, 2005


"Iraq reinforces Mr Blair’s tendency to self-beatification."

Sir Simon Jenkins in his article in the Times today asks "An election dominated by holy rows? May the good Lord spare us..",,1059-1537389,00.html

It seems to me that even a show of tolerance, courtesy and respect has long been lacking from politics. And from all sides, not only from those who "Do not Do God". The article is even handed about the way single issues that raise very strong feelings are being shamelessly exploited across the parties in marginal constituencies:

Simon Jnkins' article begins by saying that "God has elbowed his way into the election campaign."
(Actually, this seems a little hard on God - who, if he has elbows at all, would surely have been using them to nudge his saintly follower quite sharply in order to remind him to Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s - "and leave Me out of this unholy mess.") and it concludes

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