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Legal advice and Lord Goldsmith

11/14 March 2005 ~"The Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, became increasingly isolated this weekend as the row over his secret legal advice on the Iraq war drags the Government into a mire of denials and conflicting statements"
Menzies Campbell "...there were two "material considerations" in the minds of those who voted for war on Iraq: "First, that the threat from weapons of mass destruction was so acute that only military action would do; and second, that the opinion of the Attorney General was that it was lawful to do so. " See Independent on Sunday "The A4 War: What have the Attorney General and the Prime
Minister got to hide?

11/14 March 2005 ~~ Independent
"The Attorney General is facing a damaging inquiry ...
MPs have lodged a formal complaint with the Bar Council.... the Government confirmed yesterday it would not release the legal advice for war despite a request to review its decisions.

Yesterday, Clare Short... was also told her complaint about the Attorney General's presentation of legal advice - with no supporting documentation - would be investigated by the council's complaints commissioner.

.... "I am told the inquiry will be independent," she said......

Jack Straw was also under pressure after MPs claimed he "misled the Commons.." See Goldsmith pages

14 March 2005 ~ Deepcut. Today the Army will at last be accused bythe Defence Select Committee of a cover-up and of obstructing the investigation of the deaths of recruits. See Independent

14 March 2005 ~ Mission Creep in Iraq. The Telegraph reports on the lack of fanfare as UK troops complete their move into an area bigger than the two existing provinces already under British military authority - Basra and Maysan - put together. Major Alan Richmond: "With a general election coming [the Government] doesn't want reports of mission creep."

For mission creep it is. "Operational necessity", that military euphemism for plugging the dyke, means Britain has had to take on new responsibilities because no one else would do it."

14 March 2005 ~ Mr Blair's attempt to "woo women back" hit a snag yesterday. An emailer writes, " the ladies on TV gave Blair a hard time today - it was reported in earlier bulletins, with a quote from one anti war lady, but then later cleared off the air waves. Wish I had been one of them!!" The Independent reports on what Ms Moss from south London said. Read in full
Independent on Sunday

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