Wednesday, March 30, 2005


only power

JK Rowling's Voldemort has a maxim for our times and it is this: "There is no such thing as good and evil. There is only power."

Tony Blair. You are charged with leading Britain into an illegal war... How do you plead?

asks Dan Plesch in The Herald. "YOU, readers, are the jury." he says - and then makes out a very convincing case for the prosecution - concluding

To summarise (rather than quote) the points made by Dan Plesch in the Herald article:

It is looking horribly likely that Mr Blair and his fellow sofa-occupants will, in the short term at least, get away with the lies and deceptions. It has happened before.

Most people in Britain sense that something very wrong is at work but most haven't the time or patience to grasp what it is.

The spin machinery developed by the government has now evolved into a new life form. It is driven and fuelled by power lust. It might as well have green blood hidden under its apparently human exterior since it is convincing those who still have some vestiges of humanity that common sense is irrelevant, compassion - except when temporarily placed on the face of a Minister - is weakness, power is all that matters and - "resistance is useless."

Well, where is the resistance? The last few days suggest that Michael Howard's Central Office is manned by the same sort of automatons as those who have taken the socialism and compassion out of the Labour Party. Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough - it won't be voting Tory now.

Meanwhile, poor old Britain is losing its identity, its principles, its countryside, its self respect and its way.

The Goldsmith pages on are here.

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