Monday, March 07, 2005


Power of Nightmares

7 March 2005 ~In the recent television series, 'The Power of Nightmares', the film director, Adam Curtis, argued that since politicians are no longer able to appeal for votes by offering people hope of a better future ( no one believes they can deliver this) they have instead decided that the best way to win votes is to frighten people into voting for them. This also allows them to introduce authoritarian laws which add to their power.. You can read, watch and listen again here

7 March 2005 ~ "....
Mr Blair has attributed his gradual transformation to his becoming aware of “the society of fear”...." Tom Baldwin in today's Times, asks "whatever happened to the man to whom Cherie became engaged in that summer of 1979 ...?" and looks at how the once liberal lawyer has turned into the leader taking civil liberties

7 March 2005 ~ 200 fully trained terrorists wandering about? According to today's Guardian,
"The official Home Office assessment of the emergency anti-terrorist legislation .. admits that only 10 to 20 terror suspects are expected to be issued with control orders each year."
Tony Blair spoke of "hundreds of potential terrorists" in a recent radio interview. See Andrew Rawnsley yesterday on the connection of all this to the election.
The former Metropolitan Police commissioner, John Stevens, (someone who a year agp warned of terrorist attacks that have not materialised - such as that of Canary Wharf ) said that those of us who oppose the Bill "simply haven't understood the brutal reality of the world we live in"
Perhaps he is right. However, the brutal reality of misinformation, lying and spin to squash opposition is something we are, very reluctantly, beginning to understand.

7 March 2005 ~ The Guardian
reports on the satory that private firms are to police terror orders
in an attempt to save money, according to preparations being made to implement the policy by the Home Office.
Senior civil servants have been asked to assess the likely impact of the control orders which are being rushed through parliament. Their report discloses that private security staff are to monitor the day-to-day surveillance of the terror suspects through electronic tagging.
"where possible the monitoring of the orders will be contracted out to private companies as per existing arrangements with companies like Securicor and Group 4".
.....The existing powers allowing terror suspects to be detained in Belmarsh lapse next Monday."

7 March 2005 ~ Birmingham postal vote rigging. "Returning officers wrote to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister saying that concern about fraud was putting the integrity of the elections process at risk..." Dominic Kennedy in today's Times

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