Monday, March 21, 2005


" a tawdry story"

Tony Blair (13/10/04)
"What I cannot bring myself to say that I misrepresented the evidence because I do not accept that I did..."

Sunday night's Panorama told the story of what Mr Blair didn’t tell us before sending British troops into battle.
One is left feeling with Carne Ross (First Secretary – UK Mission to the UN 1998-2002) who said on the programme:
House of Commons 24th September
"there has been a real concern on our part not to exaggerate the intelligence
that we get."

For the definitive evidence that Mr Blair - whatever he may believe about his own motives - did indeed misrepresent the evidence, did exaggerate the intelligence and did knowingly mislead both people and parliament, see BBC timeline of documentary evidence for the Panorama programme - and link to its transcript.

No deafening outcry of outrage in the media outlets today. But while the politicians may continue to

Smile at us,
pay us,
pass us.
With an election at hand they should not quite forget
We are the people of England; and we have not spoken yet.

This emailed comment was sent to us at "The programme was impressively authoritative - lots of people who really knew. It ought to make a big impression. As you say, it might just (but don't hold your breath).
Perhaps Jamie Oliver could take up the cause..."

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